Easy After School Snacks for Kids

August 04, 2023

It’s an all-too-familiar tale: The school bell rings, your kiddos pile home on a big yellow-orange bus (or in Mom’s Taxi), and race to the pantry to grab some sugary, ready-made treats wrapped in a little cellophane package. Then you look at the ingredients list on the box and start to question the too-long list of unpronounceable ingredients—and why they're in your pantry in the first place. 

Satisfy your little one’s snack cravings with homemade treats that are easy to make and deliver delectable flavor as crave-worthy as their store-bought counterparts. Our roundup of ten delicious recipes includes treats from savory to sweet, with ingredient lists parents love and quick prep times to make your busy life a little less hectic.  

zucchini pizza bites

Veggie Pizza Bites

Move over, '90s-style mini bagels! Why have microwave pizza when you can make your own in a snap and tuck in veggies for good measure? This air fryer twist on pizza bites swaps in crispy zucchini and Primal Kitchen Unsweetened Red Pizza Sauce.

cheese roll ups on a plate with Primal Kitchen sauce bottles around it

Cheese Roll-Ups

Remember the little girl who broke the internet by wanting to eat only cheese? Your kiddos might not be that extreme, but we bet they’ll go wild for these gooey Buffalo chicken and pizza-inspired treats. Tip: If you’re making the chicken version, swap in our Mild & Sweet Buffalo Sauce for little tummies.   

A tray of strawberry collagen frozen pops

Strawberry Orange Frozen Pops

Nothing beats the refreshing taste of an ice pop on a hot day (or any day, for that matter). Your kids will love the sweet berry flavor of these delicious treats made without cane sugar or corn syrup.

 tater tots

Air Fryer Tater Tots

There’s something elevated and special about a homemade tater tot. Maybe it’s the love that went into them, or the fact that these babies are crisped up in the air fryer, but we think they’re 100% more delicious than the pre-frozen version. Serve with our kid-friendly A Tad Sweet Ketchup for dipping.  

ranch zucchini boats

Ranch Zucchini Boats

What floats your kid's boat after a day at school? These halved veggies with our cool & creamy Ranch Dressing, bacon, and plenty of cheese will do the trick. Savory, robust, and oh-so-flavorful, this mouthwatering snack makes plant-based snacking simple.

macadamia nut butter

Macadamia Nut Butter

A tropical twist on a classic, this nut butter is made with just two ingredients. Spread it on toast, crackers, or celery sticks topped with raisins for an updated version of “ants on a log.” 

cauliflower wings

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

The days of “you can’t leave the table until you eat your veggies” may be gone, but the struggle is still real. Made with our delicious Buffalo Sauce and cooked until golden in the air fryer, these “wings” can turn even the pickiest kids into veggie lovers.

banana chocolate muffins

Banana Chocolate Muffins

Who can forget those small bags with a few extra-moist, decadent mini muffins? This swap uses Vegan Mayo and bananas for creamy, comfort food flavor without the unwanted ingredients.

hummus with avocado oil

Hummus with Avocado Oil

Store-bought dip will work in a pinch, but we much prefer the creamy, garlicky flavor of this easy homemade hummus (and we bet your little ones will too). If you have a hard time getting the kids to snack on raw veggies, this delightful dip might change their mind.

cinnamon sugar donut holes

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

If baked goods are your kiddo’s go-to, these donut holes are the ideal swap. Made with our Snickerdoodle Collagen, just the right amount of sweet and cozy flavor is packed into each bite.


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