Cheese Roll-Ups 2 Ways

August 09, 2022

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Parent-approved snacks don't have to be bland, boring, or complicated. This easy snack for kids and adults is simple, delicious, and made with ingredients moms and dads will recognize. There's no bread involved, so this snack is also keto-friendly! All it takes is a few minutes to prep and then a few minutes to cook in the oven.

We've provided two basic roll-up recipes to get you started, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. Mix and match your roll-ups with meats, veggies, and cheeses you have left in the fridge. You can even let the kids have a hand in picking out their own combos. Just choose your ingredients, cook, and roll, and you have a savory, salty snack that's ready for dipping in your favorite Primal Kitchen sauces, dips, and pasta sauces. 


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