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Drive-Thru Flavor, Homestyle Ingredients

Primal Kitchen is now serving crave-worthy, drive-thru restaurant-inspired Dipping Sauces made with real ingredients like avocado oil—hold the seed oils, artificial sweeteners, and nonsense.

Ex-SEED-ing Expectations

Restaurant-style dipping sauces re-imagined with real ingredients because delicious flavor is in the details.

Fries, Wraps, Sandwiches

Chicken Dippin'

Slightly smoky, tangy flavor with just a whisper of ancho pepper. Made for dipping and dunking, this restaurant-inspired sauce sizzles on grilled chicken tenders, air-fried nuggets, drizzled over chicken sandwiches, or partnered with fries and veggies.

Tacos, Rice bowls, chicken

Avocado Lime

Fall head-avo-heels for the zesty, citrusy flavor of our Avocado Lime Dipping Sauce! Dunk taquitos, mix into a taco salad, or drizzle on grilled veggie skewers for an easy way to pack flavor into every delicious bite.

shrimp, salmon, rice bowls

Yum Yum Sauce

The classic Japanese steakhouse sauce comes to your house. Sweet, sour, and tangy flavor that begs to be smothered on everything. This all-purpose dipping sauce is a master of international cuisine: drizzle it over rice bowls and hibachi steak, dunk tempura veggies, or dip grilled chicken skewers.

Burgers, salads, onion rings

Special Sauce

An elevated twist on everyone’s favorite drive-thru burger sauce that combines the crisp, savory bite of pickle relish with tangy mustard and vibrant ketchup for lip-smacking flavor with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for dipping fries and veggies or drizzling on burgers and sandwiches.

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