Taste You Can Trust

Good Fats from Plant-Based Oils

Good Fats from Plant-Based Oils

Our condiments, dressings and sauces, are made with avocado oil, a source of heart-healthy, good fat from plant-based oils.
No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Sweeteners

From sauces, dressings and mayo to collagen, across the line, Primal Kitchen products are either unsweetened or purposely sweetened with delicious ingredients, no artificial sweeteners ever. How sweet is that?
No Dairy? No Problem!

No Dairy? No Problem!

Primal Kitchen uses ingredients like coconut milk powder in collagen and pumpkin seed butter in sauces for the creamy texture you know and love.
Real, Delicious Ingredients

Real, Delicious Ingredients

Ingredients you can see and pronounce. Primal Kitchen uses real delicious ingredients, for real delicious products you can trust!

Ingredient Integrity

Our products are vetted for quality and premium sourcing. Below is a list of some certifications you might have seen on your fave Primal Kitchen products.

Certifications Explained

Here is what each of those icons means about theingredients inside the bottle:


Cage-Free Eggs

Primal Kitchen sources high quality, cage-free organic eggs.

Keto Certified

Keto Certifed: no partially-hydrogenated oils or trans fats, saccharin, cyclamate,acesulfame, aspartame, sucralose, corn syrups or Maltitol, or artificial flavors. For snacks, there’s less than 6g of net carbs per serving, and for condiments, there’s less than 2g per .5 oz, and this item is approved by Keto Certified.

Non-GMO Project Verification

This product was created without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Certified Paleo

No grains, legumes, dairy, artificial flavors and is approved by the Paleo Foundation.

Certified Humane Eggs

Mayonnaise uses certified humane eggs.


Indicates a kosher pareve product, which contains neither dairy nor meat nor any dairy or meat derivatives. It also verifies that the product was not made on equipment that is also used for making dairy products.

Certified Gluten-Free

This product has been independently certified by the Gluten-Free organization and meets their strict criteria.

No Soy or Canola

We use good fats from plant based oils like avocado oil and olive oil.

Ancestral Roots

The Primal lifestyle really gets back to humans’ ancestral roots, seeking out a lifestyle that helps you discover how amazingly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be. The philosophy is built around simple foods, physical movement, play, rest, sleep and time outdoors.

The Movement Launched a Community

The Primal way of eating was developed by Primal Kitchen Founder Mark Sisson as a means of truly getting back to basics, focusing on consuming mostly plants and quality protein at the core. Mark’s ideas launched a movement, a community of millions of avid fans of Mark’s Daily Apple … and eventually inspired the Primal Kitchen product line.