Steak Protein Bowl

April 12, 2024

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If our culinary self-care list had just one thing on it, it would be this: get enough protein. Whether you’ve got protein goals to slay or you just want a quick flavor boost, this steak and avocado bowl is sure to satisfy. Served over fluffy rice, it’s packed with all the goodness that mom told you to always put on your plate, from roasted veggies to tender beef slices seared in our Pure Avocado Oil for good fats we love. Plus, it packs a more powerful flavor punch than most of the protein bowls you’ll find at popular fast-casual restaurants, thanks to a drizzle of herby ranch and a sprinkle of potent spices. 

We partnered with our friends at Just Spices to spruce up this satisfying recipe using high-quality spices with no artificial flavors. Crafted with a mix of six zesty spices, their Avocado Topping elevates the earthy and meaty flavors in this easy protein bowl.        


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