5 Unexpected Ways to Use Mayo

April 11, 2024

Have you ever opened up a jar of mayo thinking it was almost empty, only to discover there was still half left? Maybe someone else in your house bought a new jar without you knowing, but more likely, all the BLTs and egg salad sammies you prepped just didn’t add up to using an entire jar. If the kids are tired of turkey sandwiches and you’re not sure what to do with that leftover mayo, think beyond the bun.

Just take a peek at recipes like this Mayo Mocha and Reverse-Seared Steak and you’ll see that people are dreaming up creative, delicious ways to add mayo to their day. These viral recipes are just a glimpse into the mayo uses that food enthusiasts are exploring. It's not just a condiment—it's a culinary companion that adds depth, flavor, and a touch of creamy indulgence to every bite. So, let your creativity soar with the spread that keeps on spreading! 

Check out these 5 unique ways to add mayo to your meals: 

Buffalo Mayo Board


1. Build a Board 

With its rich and creamy texture, Primal Kitchen Mayo makes a beautiful base for charcuterie and veggie platters. Spread or squeeze your favorite flavors (we love the extra kick Buffalo Mayo gives) onto a platter or board.  Then let guests dip veggies, build their own mini sandwiches, or add flavor to meats and cheeses with a dollop of mayo. Use this Mayo Board recipe as a springboard for building your own mayo-based appetizer platter.


TikTok Salmon Bowl


2. Garnish Bowls

Mayo-based condiments are everywhere at sushi restaurants, so it’s no surprise that mayo is the perfect complement to rice bowls like this savory Salmon Bowl first spotted on TikTok. Drizzle our creamy original mayo over your favorite rice bowl with a splash of sriracha for heat, pair zesty Chipotle Lime Mayo with a chicken burrito bowl, or mix Pesto Mayo into protein bowls for instant Italian flavor. Made with real ingredients like avocado oil, our mayo makes for endless flavor combinations. 


Crab Cakes with Chipotle Lime Mayo


3. Dare to Dip

You might think of mayo as more of a spread, but it also doubles as a dip. Whether you choose to mix in chives and other seasonings or just use your favorite mayo flavor on its own, mayo makes a delightful dip for veggie sticks, fries, and savory appetizers like these hearty crab cakes. You can sub (or add) mayo in many recipes that call for dipping sauces, like Buffalo Mayo with chicken tenders or Chipotle Lime Mayo instead of sour cream with quesadillas. 


Summer Shrimp Salad


4. Mix in Salads

What do macaroni salad, potato salad, and egg salad all have in common? Obviously, mayo. And they’re all cold salads. But beyond these staple side dishes, there are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of “bound salads” that you can whip up using mayo. From dreamy carrot-raisin to broccoli salad, breezy summer shrimp salad, and the classic Waldorf, mayo acts as the creamy, flavor-packed binder that holds any picnic salad together.


Vegan Mayo Cake


5. Moisten Cakes

Substituting mayo for eggs or oil in recipes like our mouthwatering vegan chocolate cake isn’t a new thing—your grandma (or great-granny) probably knew this Depression-era secret long before you were born. While it was originally done to help cut costs when milk and eggs were scarce, bakers found that mayo helps keep baked goods from drying out in the oven. One important note: You don’t actually taste the mayo in the recipe, but you’ll want to stick with plain mayo rather than flavored here!  


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