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Baked Caesar Chicken Breasts

July 30, 2020

Baked Caesar chicken breasts in a white casserole dish with Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing on the side

Our baked caesar chicken breasts make the perfect four-ingredient recipe (OK, six ingredients if you count salt and pepper) to add into your weekly meal prep rotation. All it takes is chicken breasts, a bottle of Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing, some seasoning, and a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley to add a pop of green and a bit of fresh herb flavor.

This baked chicken breast recipe proves its weekly meal prep worthiness by being as versatile as it is easy. Don't have Caesar Dressing on hand? Substitute Ranch or Dreamy Italian Dressing. Can't find or don't want to use a vegan cheese alternative? Make your own vegan parmesan cheese recipe, or use real parmesan cheese if you can tolerate dairy. Want these baked Caesar chicken breasts for dinner tonight and leftovers for lunch during the week? Make a triple batch and serve 'em up alongside a rainbow salad, mashed cauliflower, or sweet potato fries for dinner. Save any leftovers to dice up to put on top of salads, add to lettuce or collard greens wraps, or to use in make-ahead bowls like our chicken cauliflower rice bowl, or our Tex-Mex chicken burrito bowl.  

Baked Caesar Chicken Breasts

Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 3


  • 3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 bottle Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing & Marinade
  • 1/4 cup vegan parmesan cheese alternative (we used Thrive Market brand)*
  • 1 teaspoon parsley, minced 

*Note: If you can't find vegan parmesan cheese alternative, or if you'd prefer not to use it, you can use regular parmesan cheese, use our vegan parmesan cheese recipe, or substitute nutritional yeast.

Pouring Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing over uncooked chicken breasts


  • Preheat oven to 400ºF.  
  • Place chicken breasts in an oven-safe casserole dish. Season both sides of each chicken breast with salt and pepper.
  • Sprinkle parmesan cheese alternative (or parmesan cheese) over the top of each chicken breast. Pour half of the bottle of Caesar Dressing on top of the chicken breasts. Turn the chicken breasts over with tongs to make sure they are coated thoroughly. 
  • Cover the casserole dish with foil*, and place in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes, then remove from the oven, uncover, and pour the remaining bottle of Caesar Dressing over the top. 
  • Bake for another 10 minutes, uncovered (if you notice the chicken getting too brown, cover with foil for the remaining cook time), or until the inside of the chicken breasts reach 170ºF.  

*If you'd prefer not to use foil, you can cook the chicken in an oven-safe Dutch oven and use the lid to cover. 

Baked Caesar chicken breasts in a white casserole dish

Nutrition info (per serving):

Calories: 623

Carbs: 9 grams

Fat: 46 grams

Protein: 42 grams

Nutrition information calculated using Cronometer.

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