Orange Sorbet

August 21, 2023

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This might just be the easiest frozen dessert recipe we’ve ever seen, short of the frosty treats we whipped up in that cartoon-inspired plastic snow cone maker everyone had as a kid. With just two sorbet ingredients—fresh oranges and our creamy, delicious Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel®—you’ll be on your way to a creamy, no-dairy orange sorbet that’s the perfect palate cleanser on a sticky-hot summer day. 

To make this easy recipe and much more, we traded up the kiddie iced treat machine for the popular Ninja CREAMi, which allows you to turn almost anything into a silky sorbet, sherbet, or ice cream in minutes after a quick blender blast and a night in the freezer. Smooth, citrusy, and delicately sweet, this easy sorbet ice cream is infused with subtle notes of tropical coconut and collagen for tasty skin, hair, and nail support. Blend it, chill it, CREAMi it, and dig right in!   


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