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Double Fried Fries

June 08, 2018

Double Fried Fries

Celebrate the primal way with real food ketchup and double fried french fries sizzled up in Primal Kitchen® Avocado Oil! Eating your favorite things doesn't have to mean ingesting tons of industrial seed oils, additives, and preservatives. It's time to revolutionize all-American dishes with 100% real food and uncompromisingly delicious Primal Kitchen condiments. 

Celebrate game night or whip together a fun Friday meal with these sinfully good double fried avocado oil french fries and our incredible Primal Kitchen Ketchup - unsweetened and Whole30-Approved. Treat your friends and family with homemade fries, and dip and dish with our creamy, great tasting, and all-American Primal Ketchup to your heart's content!


Double Fried French Fries 

Servings: 3

Time: 40 min (total)



  • Cut the russet potatoes into fries, and soak them in cold water overnight. Rinse them a couple of times to get rid of any extra starch.
  • The next day, heat the Avocado Oil to 325 degrees, and pan-fry the fries for 3 minutes.
  • Remove the fries from the oil, turn up the heat to 375  degrees, and fry the fries until golden. This method helps makes the fries extra crispy. 
  • Salt the fries as soon as you remove them from the pan.  Drain them on paper towels, and let them cool slightly. 
  • Enjoy! 


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