Completos: Hot Dogs with Mayo

August 17, 2020

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Food can be powerfully nostalgic and, with one bite, can transport us immediately to a specific place and time. One taste of a long-labored bolognese sauce as an adult can remind you of childhood Sunday dinners at grandma's when you'd take a nip from the pot where she was simmering her famous ragù. Suddenly you'd feel her doughy arms wrapped around you and hear the encouragement she'd whisper that you could be anything you wanted.

For our Vice President of Marketing, Chilean hot dogs with mayo and mashed avocado called completos, are one of these foods. She proudly, "ate her way through Chile with completos.

Midwesterners may think of a completo as similar to a Chicago-style hot dog, West Coasters may be reminded of a Dodger dog, and it may resemble a Yankee dog to East Coasters. Each one of these hot dogs differs, of course, based on tradition, but conceptually they're all hot dogs loaded with the toppings and condiments favored in their regions. 

What Is a Completo?

completo is a hot dog in a bun often sold by street vendors in Chile, with many creamy and fresh toppings. Completo translates to "complete" or "total" in Spanish, and the logic is literal in this case. These hot dogs with mayo can be bigger than American hot dogs and often feature chopped tomatoes, mashed or diced avocados, sauerkraut, diced onions, and mayonnaise.


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