Creamy Orange Sherbet

August 23, 2023

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Fresh oranges are sweet, vibrant, and refreshing, conjuring images of lush green orchards and trees heavy with ripe fruit. Marry that bright, sunshiny flavor with cozy, comforting vanilla and you get the classic creamsicle flavor found in seaside scoop shops. Our Ninja CREAMi recipe for orange sherbet delivers that eye-opening punch of zingy citrus, but without the added cane sugar or corn syrup you’ll find in most store-bought ice creams.  

Made with Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel®, milk, and ripe oranges, this easy-prep orange sherbet has a subtler vanilla flavor that adds richness and depth to the mix. Whipped up in a blender and frozen overnight before going into the Ninja CREAMi, our three-ingredient version is almost a sherbet ice cream, with a velvety texture that’s ready to lick, spoon, and savor.     


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