Vegan Chocolate Cake

May 13, 2020

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A well-crafted chocolate cake can persuade even the staunchest anti-dessert person to indulge in a bite (or three). The best chocolate cake recipes yield a meltingly tender crumb and flavor that balances the bitter undertone of real cocoa with added monk fruit sweetener. Thick chocolate icing crowns the umber-colored cake with a creaminess that lingers on the tongue and earthy cocoa for a decadent dessert that's almost chocolate overload. 

 This vegan chocolate cake doesn't use butter, eggs, flour or other grains, oil, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. We achieved the tender cake crumb by using egg substitute and whipped spread or our vegan mayo, which uses potato protein for emulsification (a fancy way of saying, "mixing ingredients together that don't combine easily"). The result is a gluten-free dessert so rich and chocolatey that you won't notice a difference between it and the traditional egg version!


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