Keto Eggs Benedict

March 05, 2021

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How to Make Keto Eggs Benedict 

Intensely satisfying to savor on a lazy Sunday morning after half-finishing the crossword in the weekend paper, our keto eggs benedict eases you into the day of rest without any anxiety over a broken homemade hollandaise sauce.

Eggs benedict marries store-bought convenience with fussy sauce and egg preparation that’s unforgiving. Classic eggs benedict includes a toasted English muffin topped with sliced ham or Canadian bacon—that’s the easy store-bought part— a poached egg and velvety butter-glossed sauce that rewards experience over skill.

A broken hollandaise sauce happens when the sauce separates into two liquids and becomes grainy and thin. Overheat the hollandaise, and you’ll end up with bits of scrambled eggs in the sauce.

Skip the weekend brunch drama and ease at least half of the pressure by using our warm-and-pour jarred Hollandaise Sauce. Our keto-friendly, no dairy Hollandaise Sauce made with cashew butter brings ready-made ease to your breezy weekend brunch. If we could only package perfectly poached eggs, you could have easy eggs benedict any morning. For now, check out our section on how to poach eggs for tips.


Close up shot of Keto eggs benedict: sliced ham with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, chopped chives, and paprika on a white plate. Avocado slices are also on the plate.

How to Poach Eggs

Poaching eggs can cause panic. The most common poached egg mistakes:

  • Not using fresh eggs
  • Not using the right size pot
  • Not having the water at the right temperature when you add the eggs
  • Cracking the eggs directly into the pot of water
  • Not cooking the eggs for the right amount of time.

More finicky than scrambled eggs but on par with the difficulty level of cooking an omelet, poached eggs take a little practice to perfect. As mentioned above, start with these five steps, and you’ll be well on your way to pro-status poached eggs:

  1. Use fresh eggs: The egg whites become more fluid as they age. If you poach older eggs, you could end up with wispy white tendrils in the water. No big deal to this home cook, but if you want poached perfection, use the freshest eggs you can find. How to test your egg for freshness? Place the egg in a small bowl of water—if it lays on its side at the bottom of the bowl, it’s fresh.
  2. Crack the eggs in a separate small bowl first: Resist the urge to cut this corner (it is just one more tiny bowl to wash). You want to cradle the egg into its warm bath, so it cooks gently. It might sound tedious, but poaching is delicate.
  3. Use a big-enough pot of water: Like toddlers who like to frolic and splash in a warm bath, your fresh young eggs need plenty of space to swirl. A medium-sized saucepan filled with about three inches of water should suffice for a couple of eggs to poach.
  4. Simmering water is the right bath temperature: Let's stick with the small-child-at-bath-time theme here to illustrate these points. If you haven’t bathed a young buck before, file these learnings away for future use. Try submerging the tender flesh of a youngin in scalding or chilly water, and the shrill protest you’ll hear will make you shrivel—the same principle applies to poached eggs. Boiling water will cause the eggs to separate into wispy bits, and tepid water can cause separation of yolk and white. And don’t swirl the water before adding the eggs; the agitation aggravates the eggs' delicate protein.
  5. Set a timer: Nestle the eggs into the simmering water and set the timer for three minutes to get a hardened white with a runny yolk; cook for one additional minute for a soft but not oozing yolk.

Bonus tip: Add a tablespoon of white, rice, or apple cider vinegar to the simmering water before adding the eggs. The vinegar should help the egg whites stay intact and form a more compact shape. You won’t taste the vinegar if you use a mild one.

Keto-Friendly English Muffin Alternatives

We kept our keto eggs benedict recipe as simple as possible and left out the bread substitute or a veggie alternative and just used ham as the base. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, don’t worry. You have options.

If you’d prefer a keto and veggie-friendly English muffin replacement, try:

  • Grilled or baked eggplant round
  • Grilled or baked portobello mushroom
  • Grilled or baked cauliflower steak

If you’d like a keto-friendly bread alternative, make:

  • Cloud bread: Beat three egg whites with ¼ teaspoon baking soda until stiff peaks form. In a separate bowl, combine three egg yolks with three tablespoons Primal Kitchen Mayo. Gently fold in beaten egg whites. Use a ⅓ measuring cup to place onto the baking sheet; bake for 30 minutes at 300ºF.
  • Keto Bread: The dill and cheddar keto bread in this recipe could add a sharp, herbaceous note to your eggs benedict. If you’d prefer a no-dairy version, leave out the cheddar cheese and swap the butter for coconut or avocado oil.
  • Store-bought keto-friendly English muffin
  • Chaffles: If you’re not adverse to dairy, these five-ingredient keto waffles (cheese + waffle = chaffle) crisp in the waffle iron in less than five minutes.

Keto Eggs Benedict Recipe Variations

From keto eggs benedict florentine to keto eggs benedict with salmon, take our keto eggs benedict recipe and vary it as you please. Here are some easy ideas:

  • Keto eggs benedict florentine: Add a bed of cooked spinach, well-drained spinach to the plate before adding the ham, poached eggs, and sauce. Cook the spinach with a little minced garlic for extra flavor.
  • Keto eggs benedict with salmon: Swap the cooked ham for smoked, poached, or grilled salmon.
  • Keto eggs benedict avocado: Spoon the avocado out of its skin, remove the pit, and use it as a boat to catch the drippy yolk and sauce. Add ham or not.
  • Keto eggs benedict cauliflower: Make vertical half-inch slices on a head of cauliflower. Drizzle cauliflower steaks with olive or avocado oil, salt, pepper, and roast or grill until cooked through and lightly browned. Pile up the keto eggs benedict fixings on the cauliflower steak.
  • Keto eggs benedict with mushroom: Remove the stems from large portobello mushroom caps, drizzle with olive or avocado oil, salt, and pepper. Bake or grill until tender. Dress with poached eggs, hollandaise, and chives.

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