Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

January 27, 2020

Traditional muffins made with flour, sugar, and fruit obviously contain too many carbs to be keto. But, if you substitute a nut flour for the all-purpose flour (or make it even easier and use a ready-to-go keto muffin mix), use a keto sweetener, and a fruit that’s low in carbs but big in flavor, you have a keto-friendly muffin that's a moist, tender handheld breakfast or snack.

Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Time: 50 minutes

Servings: 12 muffins 



  • Preheat oven to 350ºF.  In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well to combine.

Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

  • Either spray a muffin tin with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray, or line with paper cups. Spoon an equal amount of mixture into each muffin tin slot (leave about ¼ inch from the batter to the top of the circle of each muffin slot). 
  • Bake for 35–40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the middle of a muffin comes out clean. Remove tin from the oven and allow muffins to cool for about 5 minutes in the tin before removing.

Nutritional information (per muffin):

Calories: 173

Carbs: 8.2 grams

Net Carbs: 4 grams

Fat: 14 grams

Protein: 7 grams

Nutritional information calculated using Cronometer. 

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