Chicken Florentine Pizza with Spinach

October 29, 2021

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Upgrade your homemade ‘za with this restaurant-worthy, decadent white pizza topped with savory chicken and fresh spinach. This easy recipe comes together in just twenty minutes and uses a grain-free burrito wrap for a quick crust and Primal Kitchen No Dairy White Pizza Sauce for a creamy, flavorful base. Use leftover cooked chicken breast to make this no dairy slice in a pinch–the perfect pizza dish for those busy weeknights.

Florentine Pizza Recipe

Follow along with Brian in the video below for step-by-step instructions for constructing your florentine pizza.

Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2


What is a Florentine pizza?

“Florentine” refers to the Italian city of Florence (where thin-crust pizzas like this happen to abound) but also means this slice is served with spinach. Like eggs florentine, this recipe refers to a white pizza with spinach.

Florentine Pizza FAQ

We have saucy answers to your pizza questions. Whether you fancy yourself a chef, or are experimenting with homemade slices for the first time, we have tried-and-true solutions to your tasty problems in our florentine FAQ!

Should you cook chicken before putting it on top of the pizza (before it goes in oven)?

Yes! Your dairy-free white pizza will be ready in just 10-15 minutes once it’s in the oven. Always pre-cook meat before putting it on a pizza to ensure it’s properly prepared and ready to eat.

How long is leftover pizza good for?

Who can resist a next-day slice? Some folks even prefer their ‘za at room temp (or cold!). Your leftover pizza should last around 4 days when stored properly in the fridge. Don’t nosh on pizza that’s been sitting out for longer than a few hours. Toss a fried egg on this florentine pizza for a breakfast slice, or try our Breakfast Meatza, also made with white sauce.

Spinach lays next to a florentine pizza on a cutting board with white pizza sauce in the background.

What’s the best way to make pizza keto friendly?

Wondering how to make pizza keto? The secret is in the sauce (and the crust). This keto pizza recipe uses Keto Certified Primal Kitchen No-Dairy White Pizza Sauce. Look for a lower-carb crust for a keto-friendly slice.

More Pizza Recipes to Try

Don’t toss that leftover white sauce! Make another savory slice with these recipes, or think outside the pizza box with even more unexpected pizza recipes, no delivery required.

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