Plant-Based Ranch Pizza

April 17, 2018

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Say "arrivederci" to bland vegan pizza! Vegan or vegetarian pizza is often made by removing items from standard pizza, rather than reinventing the (pizza) wheel. Not so for our delectable vegan ranch pizza, which incorporates fresh basil, savory veggies, plant-based cheese, and our dairy-free Primal Kitchen Plant Based Ranch Dressing made with avocado oil.  

Making this masterpiece is as simple as adding marinara sauce and toppings to a gluten-free, dairy-free homemade cauliflower crust. Dig in with both hands—this recipe is allergen-friendly, vegan, grain-free, and ready to be enjoyed by everyone! Whether you're looking for a solo slice to fuel your favorite activities, or you need a delicious vegan dish to serve to friends and family, this pizza makes a tasty, satisfying meal.


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