How to Cook the Best Pan-Seared Steak

July 01, 2024

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Summer brings the thrill of the grill! But as anyone who lives in an apartment can tell you, grilling outdoors isn’t always an option. Even if you are able to have a grill on your patio, maybe there’s a storm brewing or you’re out of propane. Or it’s 110° outside and the thought of adding even more heat makes you break out in a (cold) sweat. 

Whenever we’re not up for grilling steaks outdoors, we turn to this super easy and delicious recipe from Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson. Mark doesn’t have a patio grill at his Miami home, so instead he opts for a tried-and-true technique for pan-seared steak. If you don’t know how to pan-sear a steak, it’s simple. Just season the meat with salt and cook it in a pan with your preferred fat. 

Butter, ghee, or avocado oil will work in a pinch, but Mark uses our creamy Mayo to get the perfect sear on his steaks. The good fats from avocado oil in the mayo add richness while providing a barrier that seals in the juices and helps give it a beautifully charred exterior to rival your favorite restaurant steak.   


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