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Meatza: The Lower-Carb Meat-Crust Pizza

September 10, 2021

A breakfast meatza pizza sits on a cutting board next to primal kitchen white pizza sauce.

Gluten-free, paleo and carnivore folks, rejoice: you can finally join the pizza party! Enter the “meatza.” This keto, crustless pizza features a base from breakfast sausage, topped with runny eggs, soft spinach, smokey bacon, and bold, creamy Primal Kitchen Unsweetened White Pizza Sauce as a swap-in for cheese. Enjoy this pizza for a bold brunch or for a flavorful dinner...however you slice it, it’s sure to be a winner!

Stay tuned after this keto meatza pizza recipe to read on about tasty toppings and other options for your no-crust pizza.

What is a Meatza Pizza?

Call it a carnivore pizza: this meat-based pie swaps doughy crust for ground beef or sausage for a paleo-friendly slice. This new trend has been taking over the internet, with savory, smokey flavor to boot. Popularized by pizza chains, you can make meatza at home with your favorite high-quality ingredients. With a meat base, this slice is naturally lower in carbohydrates, a big plus for folks pursuing a keto diet. 

A breakfast meatza pie is sliced into four slices, with ingredients nearby on a cutting board.

Lower Carb Topping Options for Your Meatza Pie

We made our meatza with a “breakfast twist,” using savory AM sausage as the base and topping our slice with all the morning classics. Go more classic and top with cheese (mozzarella or parmesan are classics, but you can try halloumi or feta for a more festive topper), or veggies like grilled onions, mushrooms, kale or jalapeños. Try Primal Kitchen Unsweetened Red Pizza sauce for classic, robust flavor.

A keto meatza pie is on a cutting board with ingredients in the background of the frame.

More Pies to Try

Feeling saucy? The pie’s the limit with these creative, lower-carb slices made with Primal Kitchen products and your favorite comfort-food toppings.

Keto Breakfast Tostada

BBQ Ranch Keto Cauliflower Pizza

Ranch Paleo Pizza

Grain-Free Cheese Pizza

Deep Dish Grain-Free Pizza

Meatza Recipe

Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 2


Ready to Make It?

Add the items featured in this recipe to your cart, and start spicing up your recipe game!

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