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5 Seriously Spicy Jalapeño Buffalo Recipe Swaps

October 18, 2021

5 Seriously Spicy Jalapeño Buffalo Recipe Swaps

We turned up the heat on our best-selling Buffalo with fiery, feisty Jalapeño...just in time for tailgating season! These favorites are serious fire–so serve up these share-ready recipes before the big game, during a spooky movie screening, or just to take your comfort food faves to the next level. Swap in our Jalapeño Sauce to add extra heat to these classic Buffalo recipes, or serve this extra-spicy sauce on the side for brave folks who like to turn up the heat.

A bottle of jalapeño buffalo sauce sits next to a grilled chicken sandwich wrapped in lettuce.

Recipes with Jalapeño Buffalo Sauce

If you love the creamy kick of Buffalo and the feisty fire of hot sauce, this sauce is for you. The extra-hot version of our most loved Buffalo, Primal Kitchen Jalapeño Buffalo is made with kicky organic red jalapeños and is a vegan, Keto Certified, Certified Paleo, and Whole30 Approved® sauce! Unlike your ordinary spicy sauce, we make ours without xanthan gum, gluten, or soy and instead with real ingredients for an authentic, distinct flavor.

Whole30 Buffalo Wings:

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Just wing it with these extra-feisty, succulent Buffalo Wings! Add a little fire to a Whole30 month or make this classic snack sweat a little bit with Jalapeño Buffalo. Pair wings with Ranch Dip or Ranch Dressing for a crowd-pleasing cool-down dunk.

An overhead shot shows a white plate with buffalo wings, dipping sauce, and celery sticks.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings:

Plant-based, peppery, and perfect! These Whole30 ready Cauliflower bites sizzle when you swap in Jalapeño Buffalo Sauce! Serve ‘em as an after-school snack, make them as a sassy side for a salad, or make a spicy starter for your next potluck.

Buffalo Sandwich: 3 Ways

PK entered the Chicken Sandwich Wars, so pick your feisty fighter: classic crispy chicken, veggie-forward cauliflower, or savory grilled chicken? Whatever you choose, style your sammy in a spicy suce made with organic red jalapeños for fully-loaded flavor.

A fried cauliflower sandwich is cut open next to jalapeño buffalo sauce in a white kitchen.

Buffalo Chicken Dip:

This hearty dip is delish as a centerpiece on your party platter or for a fun finger-food dinner! Try Jalapeño Buffalo Sauce for a souped-up version of this game day go-to.

Buffalo Pizza:

Buffalo and Pizza: a saucy match made in heaven! Swap red sauce for Jalapeño Buffalo and top with chicken and a drizzle of creamy, dreamy Ranch for an extra-hot, delicious homemade slice that turns up the heat on your average pizza night.

An overhead shot shows a grain free pizza topped with chicken and ranch with celery and a bottle of jalapeño buffalo sauce.

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