The Buffalo Sandwich: Three Ways

July 15, 2021

Once the forgotten stepchild of the food world, chicken sandwiches are finally in the spotlight. If you’re new to the feeding frenzy surrounding fast-food chains and their signature chicken sammies, we’ll make a long story short: the race is on to create the perfect chicken sandwich. From tongue-tingling Nashville Hot chicken sammies to grilled chicken topped with melty cheese and drizzled with cool, creamy ranch, these tasty cluckers are finally getting (almost) as much attention as burgers.  

Our bestselling Buffalo Sauce is a natural fit for chicken sandwiches, so we developed three deliciously unique takes on this trending dish. Whether you like your sammy crunchy and crispy, grilled and slathered in sauce, or plant-based with all the toppings, these three Buffalo beauties can be made right at home in thirty minutes or less. So before you hop on a lengthy drive-thru line and grab a saucy sandwich filled with sugar, preservatives, and regret, make your own creamy, fiery sandwich made with real ingredients and enjoy it from the comfort of your couch. 

A spicy, crispy buffalo chicken sandwich is wrapped in paper with buffalo sauce in the background.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

With pork rind-coated chicken tenders and a creamy mix of our feisty Buffalo Sauce and Mayo with Avocado Oil, this lower-carb version of a Nashville hot chicken sandwich is easy to make at home. Full of savory, crunchy, sour, and spicy flavors, it's an instant crowd-pleaser.

Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

Topped with kicky Buffalo Sauce, tender cauliflower is the ideal base for all the fixings of this crave-worthy sammy, with red cabbage, bell peppers, and pickled onion adding just the right amount of crunch to the soft center. Deep-fried cauliflower emulates the same crispy crunch of a chicken sandwich for a meatless dish even meat lovers can appreciate.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Juicy, spicy, and bursting with flavor, this buffalo chicken sandwich recipe is the perfect beat-the-heat BBQ dish for a summer cookout or game-day gathering. Grill your bird over gas or charcoal, add your favorite toppings, and serve with a classic side dish like cole slaw or cauliflower "potato" salad for a full meal that will satisfy everyone on your home team. 

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