Vegan Spaghetti

November 19, 2020

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Spaghetti is one of the simplest and most recognizable dishes that you can make vegan in a pinch. Just opt for a vegan sauce, skip the parmesan or use a plant-based alternative, and you have a savory, satisfying meal.  

For this take on vegan spaghetti, we've substituted hearts of palm pasta for traditional wheat-based noodles. Similar to shirataki noodles, pasta made from hearts of palm offers a lower-carb alternative to pasta made with flour (including nut-based flour).

These gluten-free noodles provide the texture, chew, mouthfeel, and neutral flavor that allow our delicious Tomato Basil Marinara sauce to shine. Made with organic tomatoes and avocado oil, this vegan sauce gives the dish a bright, herby flavor. Our four-ingredient vegan spaghetti is the perfect pantry dish to throw together in less than 10 minutes.


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