Pickle Sushi

June 14, 2024

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Two words we never thought we’d see together: pickle and sushi. Then again, dill pickles are the perfect crunchy low-carb snack, and who doesn’t love fresh maki prepared and presented in a pretty sliced spiral? So when this viral mashup hit TikTok, we couldn’t help giving it a try with the help of our friends at Good Girl Snacks. We used their original dills, but you can also try the Harissa Honey version for a smoky, peppery bite.   

It turns out this seemingly unusual recipe isn’t that far from a traditional sushi roll. Ever heard of an oshinko roll? If you’re not familiar, it’s a roll with sushi rice and pickled daikon radish in the center—the ideal gateway sushi for newbies or the raw fish averse. Like the oshinko roll, this pickle sushi recipe is one of the easiest beginner rolls to put together: Just cook the rice, spread, top, and roll. A drizzle of Primal Kitchen Yum Yum Sauce on top adds a creamy, savory flavor with a touch of sweetness to contrast the sour dill. Trust us, this recipe will surprise you!      


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