Top 10 Primal Grilling Recipes

April 19, 2023

For anyone living a Primal lifestyle, or just looking to eat cleaner, a barbecue grill is an absolute must-have. Besides the obvious perk of being able to host cookouts and backyard BBQs, having access to a grill makes cooking steaks, burgers, chicken, and veggies a snap. Plus, you can avoid the dreaded oven during hot summer days, when even the mere thought of turning up that temperature dial makes you sweat. 

To get you started, we rounded up ten delicious grilling recipes that you can make on your gas or charcoal grill—and nearly all of them are Primal. Just like the offerings at a proper backyard barbecue, there’s a little something for everyone on this menu, with four categories to choose from: chicken, beef, pork, and veggie. So bring your own drinks, sides, and desserts (hint: check out our other recipes), kick off your shoes, stand barefoot in a shady patch of grass, inhale the aroma of caramelizing meat and vegetables on the grill, and enjoy the moment.

Grilled Chicken

Whole30 BBQ Chicken

Whole30 BBQ Chicken

This isn't your average grilled chicken recipe! It starts with a punchy, memorable homemade dry rub that's Whole30, keto, Primal/Paleo, and sugar-free. The bird then gets primed with Avocado Oil and cooked in the oven, brushed with a sweet, pineapple-kissed sauce, and placed on a hot grill to develop a perfectly crisp, charred exterior.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Breast

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Breast 

Say goodbye to the days of a dry, overcooked, flavorless clucker. Made with a savory dry rub and our creamy, feisty, no-dairy Buffalo Sauce, this easy-to-make chicken is a party pleaser. Serve it with fresh macaroni salad or slice it up and serve over romaine with Ranch Dressing for a simple salad your family will love.  

Buffalo half chicken on a metal baking tray

Grilled Buffalo Half-Chicken with Blue Cheese Dip

Sometimes, chicken breasts alone won’t cut it. If you’re a thigh or drumstick person, this delicious half-chicken recipe might be your new go-to. Just coat each half with olive oil and spices, cook on a hot grill, and coat liberally with Buffalo Sauce. This bird is paired with creamy, tangy blue cheese dip made with sour cream and classic mayo for a true Buffalo wing experience. 


Grilled Beef

Spicy BBQ Burger

This spiced-up take on a traditional beef burger plays with contrasting textures and tastes. Our creamy Mayo with Avocado Oil and traditional mustard go straight into the coleslaw for a crave-worthy flavor and crunch, while Classic BBQ Sauce without the usual corn syrup or cane sugar adds a slightly smoky finish after your burger patty leaves the grill. Serve with your preferred ketchup and sweet potato fries.

red white and blue burger

Red, White & Blue Burger

A chargrilled, handheld meal is made even more tantalizing with oozing cheese and a drippy sauce that combines piquant blue cheese and classic Ranch Dressing with the soothing mellowness of our creamy Mayo crafted with avocado oil and Certified Humane cage-free eggs. Finish it with Unsweetened Ketchup for a burst of bold tomato flavor without cane sugar or corn syrup—also great for dipping your fries! 

reverse seared steak

Reverse-Seared Steak

Mayo on steak? You might think we’re crazy, but when you taste the juicy, mouthwatering meat at the end of this recipe, you’ll be a convert. Made with beefy New York Strip slathered in Whip Dressing & Spread and reverse seared on a grill after low-and-slow oven cooking, this dish is the centerpiece of a restaurant-worthy meal.  


Grilled Pork

Sticky Ribs with Teriyaki Sauce

Sticky Ribs with Teriyaki

Craving sticky ribs but don’t want all the added sugar and corn syrup? This recipe makes use of two delectable sauces to flavor pork spare ribs. The first one is used as a marinade, and the second, our No-Soy Teriyaki Sauce, is used to baste before and during grilling. Prime your way with our no-mess Avocado Oil Spray and start grillin’! 

Grilled BBQ Pork Chops with Hawaiian-Style Sauce

Grilled BBQ Pork Chops with Hawaiian-Style Sauce

Get a taste of the islands with these lightly sweet and smoky pork chops made with high-heat Avocado Oil and our delectable Hawaiian-Style BBQ Sauce made with organic pineapple juice and coconut aminos. The trick to perfect BBQ pork chops is keeping a close eye—make sure to take them off the grill as soon as they reach the right temperature, then serve with extra sauce for dipping. 


Grilled Vegetables 

3 Ingredient Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

These salty, savory, and umami grilled portobello mushrooms are the perfect stand-in for meat as a main dish. Eat them as your main course with zingy Steak Sauce, or use them in place of bread and top with salmon cakes, a burger patty, or our Buffalo chicken breast recipe for a tasty grain-free sandwich. 

Mexican Grilled Corn with Mayo

Mexican Grilled Corn

If you're not following a strict Primal diet and corn is on the menu, this fun and festive Mexican-inspired recipe can be made vegetarian (using Primal Kitchen Mayo and cotija cheese) or vegan (with our Whip or Vegan Mayo and no cheese). For a party-ready appetizer, try taking the kernels off the cob before adding the mayo and toppings and adding it to a bowl as a trendy chip and veggie dip. 


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