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Mexican Grilled Corn with Classic Mayo and Ricotta

August 09, 2018

Mexican Grilled Corn with Classic Mayo and Ricotta

There's no better way to celebrate summer than with delicious Mexican Grilled Corn on the Cob slathered with Primal Kitchen® Classic Mayo and sprinkled with a spice chili mix! Celebrate the last hurrah of the season with this classic seasonal dish perfectly charred on the grill and packed with delicious flavor. 

Whether you're throwing a neighborhood barbecue, heading out for a lunchtime picnic, or enjoying dinner with the family, this is the perfect side dish to keep everyone coming back for more. 



Mexican Grilled Corn with Classic Mayo and Ricotta

Time: 30 min 

Servings: 8



  • Build medium-sized fire in a charcoal grill, or heat your gas grill to high. Spray your grill gate with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray
  • Combine chile powder and cayenne in a small bowl.
  • Gently add the corn to the grill, turning them occasionally. Grill the corn until they're cooked through and slightly charred, about 10 minutes. 


  • Remove the corn cobs from the grill, and immediately brush each ear with 2 tsp of Primal Kitchen Classic Mayo.
  • Top each cob with a sprinkle of fresh ricotta cheese and a pinch of the chile powder mixture. 
  • Squeeze 1 lime over each ear of corn, and serve.
  • Enjoy!

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