Easy Summer Recipes for Feeding a Crowd

May 15, 2023

Everybody loves a relaxing summer backyard barbecue, picnic lunch in the park, or lazy potluck by the pool, but prepping and cooking for hours when you’re the host takes all the fun out of it. If you’re hosting a big bash, take a load off and relax with easy summer recipes that will leave your guests satiated and satisfied. 

This mini-guide to summer fun has everything you need to cook up a seasonal spread with a little something for everyone. With a wide variety of proteins, sides, snacks, drinks, and desserts to choose from, you’re sure to find a cooking method, flavor, or bright idea that works for the whole crew. So raise a glass of your preferred summer sparkler, toast to the hours of lounging you’re getting back thanks to these time-saving recipes, and get cookin’!


Hawaiian steak skewers next to a bottle of Primal Kitchen Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Grilled Hawaiian Steak Kabobs

It doesn’t get easier than sticking meat and fruit on a skewer and grilling until done. Our tangy Hawaiian Style BBQ Sauce gives this sweet and simple recipe a bold, vibrant taste that instantly transports your taste buds to the tropics. You can also switch up the sirloin for another cut, or substitute chicken or pork.   

Baby back ribs on a metal baking sheet

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Sometimes, the sun is a tad too scalding to stand over a grill babying your meat. On those days, we turn to this classic recipe for smoky, perfectly charred pork ribs. The secret to getting the best flavor from these babies is bathing them in our tangy, slightly smoky, unsweetened Classic BBQ Sauce before the final broil. Before that, you can set your Instant Pot to cruise along making perfectly moist meat while you float in the pool. 

Two hands holding a Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap

 Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Packed with the bold, fiery flavor of Buffalo wings, this easy chicken sandwich is a crowd-pleaser. It starts with an ample coating of seasoning rub, then cooks on the grill for about 20-30 minutes, so you have plenty of time to whip up sides while you wait. Finished with a creamy coat of our mouthwatering Original Buffalo Sauce and served on crisp lettuce, you can also sub in a grain-free bun for an easier handheld treat.    


Grilled Mexican corn on the cob (elote)

Mexican Grilled Corn with Mayo

Our take on elote (Mexican street corn) hits all of the right flavor notes. Ricotta subs in for traditional cotija cheese, adding a salty sweetness to contrast the smoky chile and cayenne. But the crowning glory is our rich and creamy Mayo with Avocado Oil, which adds that addicting velvety coat to each cob. Coat with plenty of fresh lime juice just before sinking your teeth in to give this elote an acidic kick.

Avocado fries on a baking tray next to a bottle of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

Avocado Fries

Crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, these avocado fries are an out-of-the-ordinary spin on the average burger and fry combo. They’re made with just seven ingredients and fried in our high-quality Avocado Oil that’s perfect for cooking at high temperatures. Serve with our creamy no-dairy Ranch Dressing or add a little kick with Chipotle Lime Mayo.

A white plate of sweet potato fries made with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

Sweet Potato Fries

Classic fries are great, but sometimes you need a little sweetness to complement a nice, juicy steak, burger, or even a savory turkey sandwich with mayo. The salty-sweet combo of these no-fry sweet potato fries will be a hit with the kiddos (and kids at heart). Baked in the oven, you can just pop them in and finish up any last-minute party prep before the crowd arrives. Serve with Plant-Based Ranch or try our Unsweetened Squeeze Ketchup for dipping. 

Appetizers and Snacks

Bacon-wrapped pickles on a white plate

Bacon-Wrapped Pickles

These juicy, smoky, tangy bites are perfect for a backyard bash. They marry two of the best parts of a deli BLT, the crisp bacon and the classic dill pickle spear. Made with just three simple ingredients, plus Primal Kitchen No-Dairy Ranch Dressing for dipping, these petite handheld treats cook up on the grill in fifteen minutes or less. 

Deviled eggs on a white plate next to a bottle of Primal Kitchen Dijon Mustard

Easy 4-Ingredient Deviled Eggs

A brunch classic, deviled eggs are timeless. By that we mean their popularity spans the decades, because you’ll definitely want to pay attention to timing when boiling your eggs. Luckily, our easy recipe for perfect hard-boiled eggs is near foolproof. The whole dish comes together in just minutes after chilling your eggs, using just a few pantry staples like our no-dairy Mayo and tangy Dijon Mustard. 

A hand sprinkling garnishes over a tray of jalapeno stuffed peppers

Chorizo-Stuffed Jalapenos

Spice up your summertime party with kicky jalapeno poppers filled with savory, flavorful chorizo, onions, and plenty of garlic. Spicy sausage is sauteed with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil for added richness, then stuffed into halved peppers loaded with cheese for an easy snack that’s also keto-friendly. Fresh from the oven in 20 minutes, a little Ranch dressing helps soothe any lingering heat from this spicy snack.


Closeup of a Strawberry Rosé mocktail.

Strawberry Rosé Mocktail

Sparkly, fruity, cold and refreshing—this beverage boosted with collagen is all you need to relax on the porch on a sultry afternoon. It’s made with our handy on-the-go packets of unflavored Collagen Peptides for a quick, easy cooler infused with hair, skin, and nail support. Add strawberries, shake, and sip on warm summer days. 

Two glasses of collagen iced coffee with a bottle of Primal Collagen Fuel in the background.

Iced Collagen Coffee

Love fancy lattes but don’t always have the time to go to a coffee shop? Make your own iced coffee at home in just a few minutes. Our Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel® is the perfect base for this thirst-quenching drink, which comes together in a blender in mere seconds. We used macadamia milk for ours, but you can swap in any plant-based milk to combine with your favorite cold brew.   


A tray of strawberry orange collagen pops made with Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides

Strawberry Orange Collagen Frozen Pops

Get your juicer out or pick up some store-bought juice at your local smoothie place and blend with our Collagen Peptides, slice up some fresh berries, and pour! It’s that easy to whip up these refreshing freezer pops. Use traditional pop molds found at your local kitchen store or opt for some whimsical, shaped ones that the kiddos will love to chill with.  

A wooden bowl of matcha ice cream with a can of Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides in the background

Matcha Ice Cream 

Now everybody can scream for homemade ice cream, even those who are sensitive to dairy. Made with coconut milk, avocado and our Matcha Collagen Keto Latte Drink Mix, this emerald-hued, creamy treat is sure to cool you down. For an even faster recipe, purchase freshly made no-sugar nut butter from your local organic grocery store. Then mix with your ingredients, churn, and enjoy!  


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