Grilled Romaine Salad

August 10, 2023

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The star of classic Caesar salads and a ready-made lettuce cup for chicken salad boats, raw romaine has a treasured place in restaurant cuisine. But did you know it's also tasty when grilled? Made with crisp, tender Organic Romaine Hearts from our friends at Earthbound Farm, this delicious recipe pairs the extra crunchy center, or “heart,” of each head of lettuce with a drizzle of our delicious Ranch Dressing. We love getting our organic greens from Earthbound Farm because they’re passionate about connecting people with high-quality ingredients—just like us!

Grilling the romaine first lends a subtle smokiness and a distinct charred flavor that really brings out the subtle sweetness of this popular veggie and contrasts beautifully with the cool, creamy flavor of our no-dairy ranch. Paired with toast and marinated grilled chicken, it’s a light and refreshing plate that leaves you in that perfect state of fullness between satisfied and needing to unbutton your jeans. We kept our veggies, chicken, and bread in their own corners of the plate, but you can also let the components mingle. Simply cube your bread before grilling on a grate, dice the chicken, and chop your romaine before dressing it for a more traditional salad with a crisp, chargrilled crunch.  


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