Green Goddess Salad

May 08, 2024

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How often does salad play a starring role on the menu? Sure, there are some decent salad restaurant chains and plenty of salad recipes online, but we’re talking about salad as your first choice–not just the “oh, well, I guess I’ll get a salad” fallback plan. Enter the delectable, easy-to-make Green Goddess salad that made a (dressing) splash on TikTok, and voila: The spotlight is shining on salad!

This viral salad gets a Primal shortcut with our delicious Green Goddess dressing. It has tons of flavor and is big enough for meal prep or to serve a group. We like to slice the cabbage, chop it finely into small pieces, and then cut the remaining ingredients into a similar size so you get a mix of veggies in each bite of salad. You can also run most of the ingredients through your food processor instead of chopping them by hand to save time. No matter how you slice it or customize it for your tastes, this simple salad is a stunner.  


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