Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew with Collagen

November 30, 2021

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Call me basic, but I love seasonal coffee: from the decadent flavors to the familiar scent, down to the colorful themed cups! A creative and cozy way to celebrate the season, pumpkin cream and spice add a little festive fun to my daily cup of joe. In this copycat Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew recipe, this seasonal favorite gets the Primal and Keto treatment thanks to delicious and creamy Vanilla Collagen Fuel®.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Recipe

Learn how to make cold brew coffee with pumpkin cream right at home with a wintery, creamy kick of collagen and pumpkin spice. Enjoy your diary-free cold brew coffee drink in just a few simple steps.


What is Cold Brew Coffee? (and More Brew FAQs)

Caffeine fiends know that cold brew is having a major moment: whether you get it on draft, dilute concentrate, or DIY, this cold coffee trend gives a full-flavored kick.

Cold brew coffee is traditionally lower in acidity, making it the perfect fit for folks with a more sensitive stomach or those who prefer more taste to their brew. Made by longer exposure to water than by heat, cold brew takes a bit longer to brew (roughly 24 hours).

What's the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

Iced coffee is just your standard brew but poured over ice, whereas cold brew is made with cold water over a longer period of time.

Is cold brew stronger?

Not necessarily. While cold brew uses more coffee to make a single cup, usually cold brew drinks are diluted with milk or water, and hot water tends to extract more caffeine. Like all coffee drinks, you can personalize yours for the intended amount of caffeine intake!

How long does cold brew last?

If you’re DIY-ing your cold brew, you’ll want to use it in the first 24-48 hours for a fresh, flavorful brew. If you’re buying, be sure to note the instructions on the packaging.

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