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Parmesan Chicken & Vegetables Sheet Pan Dinner

June 07, 2021

Mayo next to a Chicken Parmesan and Vegetables Sheet Pan Dinner

Comforting, casual, and delicious, parmesan-crusted chicken is the perfect weeknight dinner. This sheet pan dinner checks all the boxes: chicken, veggies, herbs, and creamy sauce to top it off. The leftovers make for an ideal late-night snack or lunch the next day, and this meal goes from cutting board to table in just 45 minutes.

Primal Kitchen Mayo adds a rich, creamy base to simple, skinless chicken before rolling it in crispy, crumbly gluten-free breadcrumbs and lightly nutty parmesan cheese. Simply spray or toss your veggies in avocado oil and add a dash of salt and pepper, and let the flavors speak for themselves! You can enjoy this recipe straight from the pan, or make a vibrant bowl, adding Ranch Dressing, Golden BBQ Sauce, or even Italian dressing for extra flavor.

What Vegetables to Serve with Chicken Parmesan

For this chicken parmesan recipe, we chose green beans, carrots, baby russet potatoes and cauliflower, for a savory palate. Update this recipe and make it your own by swapping in your family’s favorite vegetables, like broccoli, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, Brussel sprouts, or onion. Be mindful of cook times to make sure none of your veggies come out the oven a bit burnt or soggy–aim for crispy!

Orange oven mitts are holding a sheet pan with Parmesan crusted chicken and veggies, with Primal Kitchen Mayo in the background.

More Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes

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Baked Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Serves: 2

Time: 50 minutes


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