Primal Tuna Salad Sandwich

May 22, 2019

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We love our Big Ass Salads and veggie-and-protein bowls, but when it comes to lunch, there's nothing easier or more classic than a sandwich. And when it comes to classic sandwiches, you can't beat tuna salad. Just because the tuna sandwich is a classic doesn't mean it has to be basic, though. This sandwich is a legit meal, albeit a meal that you can hold in two hands.

Our Primal tuna salad sandwich starts out like you'd expect, with tuna and a creamy mayo base—in this case, Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli Mayo for a garlicky pop that imparts a little something special. Then we load it up with avocado and other complementary veggies to add texture and flavor. Try the recipe as written, then feel free to switch it up to discover your favorite variation. Swap in regular Mayo with Avocado Oil or our Chipotle Lime flavor for tangy zest. Don’t like celery but still want crunch? Use minced green apple or chopped jicama instead. Add whatever vegetables you find at the farmer's market. Microgreens, alfalfa sprouts, pea shoots, or baby kale are all great options. The possibilities are endless!


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