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No-Dairy Blended Iced Collagen Coffee

August 03, 2021

Two iced coffees are shown in glasses, with collagen fuel behind them, and one is topped with whipped cream.


I love cold coffee. Even in the most frigid days of winter, I can’t resist the refreshing kick of ice cold caffeine in the morning. In the long, steamy, dog days of summer, an ice-cold blended coffee hits the spot and pulls me out of the afternoon slump. This decadent No-Dairy Blended Iced Coffee is the perfect summer swap for hot coffee lovers or a creamy, dreamy no-dairy alternative for iced addicts like me.

This two-minute blended recipe takes on two top trends: cold brew and collagen! You can use your favorite nut milk (we used macadamia for a keto coffee) and your go-to cold brew coffee. Swirling in two scoops of Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel® adds velvety, vanilla flavor and hair, skin and nail support from type I and III bovine collagen peptides. The quantities in this recipe make enough for two cups, so you can share (or go for your second cup…!)

The ingredients for the no-dairy blended collagen iced coffee are called out with a glass of the coffee and a canister of Collagen Fuel in the background.

Can You Mix Collagen Powder with Coffee?

Yes, you can put collagen peptides in iced coffee! If you already love collagen and coffee together, you likely know that the hot liquid dissolves the powder mix (top tip: a milk frother helps combine and create that barista-quality foam). Ice and a blender makes these two ingredients play well together...and gives your at-home brew that fancy coffee bar feeling.

More Collagen Keto Coffee to Try

It’s no secret: keto folks love their coffee! Whether you’re keepin’ keto or just love the java jitters, these keto collagen coffee recipes will add a little magic to your morning cup of joe.

Keto Caramel Macchiato

Keto Snickerdoodle Caramel Coffee with Collagen 

Mocha Latte 

Collagen Coffee Recipe

Time: 2 minutes

Servings: 2

Ready to Make It?

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