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Keto-Friendly Grilled Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap

June 28, 2021

a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich lays next to ingredients and a bottle of buffalo sauce.

Sink your teeth into medium-heat perfection!

Juicy, spicy, and bursting with flavor, this buffalo chicken sandwich recipe is the perfect beat-the-heat BBQ meal. In just a few steps and thirty minutes, this crowd-pleasing, keto and paleo-friendly sandwich comes together. Skip overheating the house with the oven and grill or smoke chicken breasts and top with Primal Kitchen Buffalo (or Classic BBQ Sauce, if you want a more traditional flavor) for a delicious, easy-prep meal.

We used a Traeger smoker/grill combo to make the chicken in this lettuce wrap, but you can use any grill you like, set to a high-heat setting. This recipe can also be used to make smoked chicken for a slightly more robust flavor profile.

Two hands hold a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich dripping with buffalo sauce.

How to Make A Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Be sure to season your boneless, skinless chicken breast with your go-to seasoning rub before placing it on the grill. If you’re feeling inspired, try our Homemade Rub to make your seasoning right in your own kitchen.

The secret to this sammy? Crispy, healthy iceberg lettuce. A weaker leaf will lack that tasty crunch, and won’t be able to support all the delicious fixings that add bold flavor. Look for vibrant green leaves when shopping to ensure the “wrap” is stable, and then cut from the inside out for the sturdiest lettuce.

Find The Perfect Side for Your Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This sammy gets its signature kick from our best-selling Buffalo Sauce, so pair this wrap with creamy textures and cool flavors to let the spice shine.

Creamy Guacamole

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Fries with Ranch Dressing

Vegan Coleslaw with Apples

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Easy Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Serves: 1

Time: 30


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