5 Delicious Slices with No Dairy White Pizza Sauce

August 10, 2021

Who can resist crispy, delicate, rich, white pizza? Elevate your homemade slice with Primal Kitchen No Dairy White Pizza Sauce, and enjoy endless combinations of simple, elegant, and delicious pizza recipes. The newest addition to our sauce roster, White Pizza Sauce adds robust, creamy garlic flavor without added sugar or dairy. To celebrate this new saucy sensation, here are five unexpected, easy pizza recipes.

A grain free crust is topped with white pizza sauce with ingredients and the pizza sauce next to it.

This crowd-pleasing comfort food can be dressed up or down, topped with a protein of your choice, or matched with a leafy, zesty salad. We used Capello’s gluten-free Pizza Crust to make these five saucy variations–but you can use your go-to grain free crust or base (in a pinch, a tortilla makes for a paper-thin pizza!) to make these slices your own.

Stuck for casual dinner party ideas or on how to cook for a host of different diets? Throw a pizza party! Create a ‘slice station’ with these selections, and our Grain-free Deep Dish Pizza and Veggie Pizza with Red Sauce.

No Dairy Classic White Pizza

This crispy classic bakes in just 11 minutes, and seriously outshines any pie that’s getting freezer burn in your ice box. This cheese-free slice lets the sauce do all the talking–but feel free to accessorize your ‘za with the cheese of your choice. Spread your Primal Kitchen No Dairy White Pizza Sauce on your crust, and top with thinly sliced tomato. Cook the crust according to the directions, and then top with fresh basil.

Basil is placed on a grain free crust topped with no dairy white pizza sauce.

Red, White & Pepper

Like your slice saucy? Layer this white garlic pizza sauce with Primal Kitchen Red Pizza Sauce for a mix of savory and creamy, then top with basil and sliced green bell peppers. Use an extra thin layer for both sauces to avoid overloading your crust and chomping on a soggy slice. If you love your veggies grilled, toss these bell peppers on with your crust for a delicately charred taste.

Ricotta, Bacon & Parsley

This flavorful and sophisticated combination of ingredients feels like a flatbread you might find on a trendy restaurant menu. We used vegan ricotta, but your favorite brand will add a rich base of ooey-gooey goodness. Crumble bacon on top for a smokey crunch, then top with fresh parsley to max out the flavor.

Ricotta, bacon, and basil top this pizza made with vegan white pizza sauce.

Grilled BLT

Make this summertime slice on the grill! Add a little sandwich counter flare with bacon, tomatoes, and “lettuce” (in this case, parsley...but a few leafy greens can add a refreshing crunch).

Coat your fave gluten-free crust or dough in Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray, then grill on one side until cooked through. Flip, add the keto white pizza sauce and toppings, and continue to grill until golden.

Grilled pizza with no dairy white pizza sauce is next to a jar of sauce, parsley, and a spatula on a white background.

Vegan Ricotta

This vegan white pizza sauce is divine without the dairy–so treat lactose intolerant or vegan pals to a rich, classic pie. Vegan ricotta adds a fluffy, creamy texture to velvety sauce. We used Kite Hill Vegan Ricotta for a layer of familiar cheesy taste. Cracked pepper adds an extra kick, and fresh basil on top gives this all-white slice a pop of color.

Grain free crust is topped with no dairy white pizza sauce to make vegan white pizza, with a jar and ingredients nearby.


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