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Spinach Salmon Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

April 23, 2019 0 Comments

Spinach Salmon Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing Recipe

I’ve worked in plenty of offices in my day, and I always found it fascinating how many of my health-conscious / weight-watching / body-building / vegan / keto / Primal/paleo / Whole30 / whole-foods enthusiast co-workers would dine out or buy their lunches from food trucks every day. Aside from the occasional team-building lunch out or social catch-up-over-lunch with Lili, who sat two rows over, I was always a bring-your-own-food-from-home type of gal. Even with a busy lifestyle, which include early morning workouts, getting kids ready for school and dropping them off, I would still always find the tiniest window of time to pack a healthy-ish lunch for myself.

The key lies in creating everyday habits that make it convenient to live the lifestyle you choose. For me, packing a work lunch most days entails picking up a couple of extra bags of salad greens (yes, I buy packaged greens most of the time because I value the convenience more than I mind the price markup. I feel guilty about the plastic packaging, but…) at the store each week, and making sure I’m stocked with plenty of easy-to-heat-and-tote-foods, such as nuts, seeds, hard-boiled eggs in a bag, frozen cauliflower and broccoli rice, veggie spirals, sliced mushrooms, and ready-washed-and-chopped veggies. I’ll often cook a large portion of chicken, beef, fish or pork on a sheet pan in the oven, on the stove, or in the Instant Pot, portion it, and use it in different dishes throughout the week.

This seven-ingredient spinach salmon salad is one of these easy-to-assemble workday salad lunches. You can make it the morning of and let the salmon cool down for a bit before packing it in a separate container. Or, cook the salmon the night before and pack it in its own container, along with a separate container that holds the salad, one for the dressing, and one container with the avocado half. Pro tip: To keep the cut avocado from browning too much, cut the avocado in half, remove the pit but keep the skin on, squeeze a bit of lemon juice on the cut side, then place the avocado half, cut-side down, in a storage container and cover immediately.

Spinach Salmon Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

Time: 10 minutes

Servings: 1 serving


  • 1 teaspoon Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil
  • 1 6-ounce salmon filet, pin bones removed
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 cups baby spinach, washed and dried
  • ¼ cup Brussels sprouts, shaved
  • 2 tablespoons cherry tomatoes, halved
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 tablespoon cashews, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing (or as much as you’d like)


  • In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil.
  • Season both sides of the salmon filet with salt and pepper to taste. Be sure to remove any pin bones, and remove skin, if desired.
  • Add salmon filet to the hot skillet, skin side down (if you didn’t remove the skin).
  • Sear for about 4 minutes—don’t move the salmon in the pan while searing—or until golden brown.
  • Turn salmon over and cook for 3 minutes on the other side.
  • Remove from pan and turn off the heat. In a large bowl, add spinach, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and avocado half.
  • Top salad with cooked salmon and chopped cashews.
  • Drizzle with Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing and enjoy!

Spinach Salmon Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing Recipe

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Calories: 649

Carbs: 19.5 grams

Net Carbs: 10.9 grams

Fat: 43 grams

Protein: 50.4 grams

Nutritional information calculated using Cronometer.

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