The Ultimate Guide to Mayonnaise

August 25, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Mayonnaise

Oh, mayonnaise. This creamy, tangy condiment has always been stocked on our shelves and fridge doors at home. Previously maligned as bland, or only available with an ingredient list that would make a real-food eater run away, cleaned-up mayo is making a big comeback as a must-have for any cook’s kitchen. As ubiquitous as its ketchup and mustard counterparts but (somewhat secretly) more versatile, most folks don’t know the culinary magnitude mayo contains. A jar of this pantry juggernaut goes a long way: Dress it up into an aioli, dress it down as a dip or spread, use it as a creamy base for sauces, bake it into sweets, and stir into salads. With this Ultimate Guide to Mayonnaise, full of FAQs about a Primal Kitchen favorite, you’ll get the inside scoop on what mayo actually is, when to use it, and how, with the right ingredient list, mayo can make the cut into just about any eating plan.

What Is Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise ingredients include some combination of oil, eggs, vinegar and/or lemon juice, whipped into a light, fluffy texture that’s a bit tangy to the taste.  

The list of mayo ingredients at Primal Kitchen is simple: just high-quality ingredients for real-food flavor. Here’s the breakdown of our mayonnaise: one tablespoon serving contains 100 calories and 0g of carbs. Primal Kitchen Mayo is made with Avocado Oil, AKA a ‘fat we love’. Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson has long touted Avocado oil as an alternative to industrial seed oils, soy, and canola oils--making it a staple in our mayos.

But you might still be wondering: "Avocado oil mayonnaise...won’t that taste, you know... like avocados?" The oil from avocados tastes light and nutty, and the flavor flies under the radar when used as a base for dressings, mayos, or sauces. Don’t worry: Avocado oil mayo isn’t replacing beloved guacamole anytime soon (although it is delectable when added to guacamole!)

P.S.: Avocado Oil can be used for all kinds of culinary purposes, and you can check out our guide right here.

Mayo Roast Chicken

Is Mayo Gluten Free?

Yes! Primal Kitchen Mayo is gluten free, so GF folks can slather, dip, and dress without stress. The best part about mayo? Since it’s so easily dressed up, it’s a no-brainer way to add tangy flavor to any dish. With Primal Kitchen Pesto Mayo, Garlic Aioli Mayo, and Chipotle Lime Mayo, there’s a unique, complex flavor profile for every palate and every recipe. So yes, even your new favorite spicy mayo is gluten free!

Does Mayo Have Dairy?

Nope. Real mayonnaise has a set list of ingredients that does not include dairy. So if there’s dairy—it’s not real mayo!

What About Whole/Keto/Vegan Mayonnaise?

Every food philosophy deserves mayo! To make the most of a keto diet or Whole30 month, double check the mayo’s label for a Keto Certified stamp or a Whole30 Approved icon. Primal Kitchen makes both Whole30 Approved Mayo and Keto Certified Mayonnaise (hint: they’re the same, real-food, classic mayo). The Chipotle Lime and Garlic Aioli Mayos are also Whole30 Approved and Keto Certified, and our Pesto Mayo is Whole30 Approved and Keto Friendly. 

Primal Kitchen Mayo Line

We’re proud to make the plant-based possible with Primal Kitchen Mayo Spread and Dip. Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo uses a unique potato protein blend instead of the classic ingredient of eggs to make a savory, fluffy mayo full of familiar flavor and texture. Non-GMO Project Verified and made without aquafaba this Vegan Mayo is Keto Certified and Whole30 Approved. This avocado oil Vegan Mayo also comes in Jalapeño Lime for a fancy flavor update to a new vegan staple.

Aioli vs Mayo

It’s an age-old question: aioli vs mayo. The aioli definition is similar to mayo—hold the eggs. Aioli is a sauce that comes from the Mediterranean coast, and is traditionally made with oil, garlic, salt, and occasionally lemon juice. If you’re in the U.S., many will say that any “flavored” mayo can technically be considered an aioli. Avocado aioli subs the olive oil usually found in traditional aiolis with avocado oil, for a similar consistency.

Garlic Aioli Mayo and Cinco De Mayo Fish tacos

Aioli elevates any dish it’s added to with flavor that transforms the taste and texture. If you’re itching to try an aioli of your own, you can grab a Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli Mayo, or let the culinary creativity percolate with these DIYs using PK mayos.

  • Try this easy Chipotle Aioli Recipe to make fresh fish tacos by whisking Garlic Aioli Mayo with coconut yogurt, lime juice, and chipotle pepper.
  • Bring home the bacon aioli with this workday lunch-ready Turkey Wrap.
  • Whisk Primal Kitchen Mayo with a dash of lemon and a clove of chopped garlic for an irresistible lemon garlic aioli that’s perfect for chicken and fish.
  • Add Wasabi powder, rice vinegar and ginger to Mayo for a kicky wasabi aioli.
  • Keep the vampires at bay by roasting garlic in the oven and squeezing the softened, sweet, cooked garlic into Primal Kitchen Mayo or Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli to make roasted garlic aioli. 

Another popular offshoot of mayo is hollandaise sauce, often found in eggs benedict recipes. Make your own vegan hollandaise sauce using Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo.

Makin' the Most out of Mayo

All in for mayo? Stock up on your supply with a 24oz jar to make the most of your mayo with savory, sweet, and side dishes that take you from app to aprés dinner. 


These mayo-enhanced entrees are full of flavor to savor.

  • Chicken Salad Recipe with Mayo: This Strawberry Chicken Salad takes center stage when scooped on top of a salad or served on grain-free bread. A summery, farm-fresh update on a deli favorite, this chicken salad sweeps all others.
  • Mayonnaise Chicken: Crackly skin, succulent meat, and herb-roasted flavor for chicken? Cluck yes. Customize this classic chicken dish with your choice of flavored mayo.


Don’t skip mayo when it comes to sweet! Unexpected but unbelievably delicious, don’t miss this sweet mayonnaise cake.

Vegan Mayo Chocolate Cake


It’s all about the sides. Make a meal or make a statement with a side with these can’t-miss mayo recipes.

  • Coleslaw Recipe with Mayo: This vegan coleslaw is made with mayo and apples and frankly, it’s out of this world.
  • Easy Potato Salad with Mayo: Classic, easy, and with bacon. It doesn’t get better than this! 
  • Mexican Corn on the Cob Recipe with Mayo: A BBQ classic that’s made to share.

There’s no mistaking that mayo is versatile: as a base, a topping, a spread, side, dip, or dunk, this can-do condiment packs a flavorful punch. Add it to your shopping list, and find your flavor favorite!

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