Whipped Spread vs. Mayo: Frenemies or Perfect Partners?

September 18, 2023

Ever since it was introduced in 1933, whipped dressing & spread has had a place in our hearts—particularly if you live in the Midwest, where whipped mayo spread loyalty is strong. There, many a 1950s mom would only stock her fridge with whipped, whether because she grew up eating it or her family preferred the taste. Fast-forward to the '90s, and every kid whose mom brought ambrosia salad or deviled eggs to a potluck has vivid memories of rockin’ overalls with hypercolor tees and listening to grunge on disc while busying themselves in a corner with their new Game Boy. 

While there are differences between whipped spread and regular mayonnaise, the two are often interchangeable. But some recipes are uniquely suited to the zippy, zingy flavor profile of whipped. The subtle sweetness lends itself to salads that have naturally sweet components, such as the classic Waldorf with crisp apples or the infamous broccoli salad with raisins that appeared at every ‘90s picnic (and still makes regular rounds on social media). 

Primal Kitchen Real Whipped Tangy Dressing & Spread is a first-of-its-kind addition to our condiment lineup. With this zippy spread, you can enjoy the nostalgia of classic childhood dishes minus the cane sugar, corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners found in some other whips. Made with high-quality ingredients like avocado oil, our whipped spread delivers a tangy taste and creamy texture without soy or canola ingredients. Plus, it's vegan!

Mayo vs Whip


The Battle of Mayo vs. Whipped Spread

The debate over which is better, mayonnaise or whipped spread, is a question as old as time. Or rather, as old as the 1930s, when the modern whipped mayo spread we know and love was invented. Regionally speaking, the midwest and some southern states are on “Team Whipped,” while the east and west coasts are firmly in “Camp Mayonnaise.” If you grew up with one (or both) in your fridge, you know which side your family is on. Maybe you even continued the traditional mayonnaise or whipped mayo spread legacy in your own kitchen.   

As it turns out, this rivalry may be without cause. Mayonnaise and whipped mayo dressing & spread share a lot in common, making them compatible enough to be used in the same dish—or at least, on the same plate.

Which Spread Works Best

So, which one do you choose–Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil or Primal Kitchen Real Whipped Tangy Dressing & Spread? How about … both. The whip’s subtle sweetness and bolder spice blend make it an excellent fit for fruit dips, egg dishes, or if you like your coleslaw with a touch of spice and sweetness.

Mayonnaise made with avocado oil, on the other hand, lends a milder and more neutral flavor to tuna and chicken salad, meats, and homemade dressings. Because avocado oil has a high smoke point, mayonnaise made with this oil is also better suited to high-heat cooking and frying. 

Mayo vs Whipped Spread graphic

Mayonnaise and Real Whipped aren’t relegated to separate corners of the kitchen, either. Because they are made with overlapping ingredients, both can be combined into a single meal. For example, you could coat a whole chicken with mayonnaise and roast it to keep in all that delicious moisture, then pair it with a zippy potato salad made with whipped dressing. You could give each spread equal billing on a mayonnaise board. Or, you could combine equal parts Primal Kitchen Mayo, Real Whipped, and our feisty Buffalo Sauce with shredded rotisserie chicken to give your chicken salad sandwich some extra zing.

Traditional or Whipped Mayo?

The bottom line is that when it comes to whipped mayo spread vs. traditional mayonnaise, let your taste buds do the talking—and the choosing. If you like a zingy pop to your deviled eggs, go with whipped spread. If you prefer a more neutral flavor, reach for the mayonnaise. Same goes for your sandwiches and salads. You can also consider combining them in a dish or meal for a double dose of creamy texture and neutral or zingy flavor.

That’s why we typically keep Primal Kitchen Real Whipped Tangy Dressing & Spread and Mayo with Avocado Oil in our pantry or fridge. With both of these condiments in your flavor arsenal, you can tailor each creamy dish to your taste buds. It’s a win-win!  

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