Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

August 23, 2021

Parents might think they have all the power when it comes to school lunches, yet it’s the kiddos who decide whether your perfectly prepped and portioned treats end up in tiny tummies, traded for PB&J, or in the trash (ouch!). The key to avoiding the bologna boredom and turkey turn-off that happens when you make 150+ school lunches each year is adding an unexpected splash of flavor to every meal.   

Whether they’re brown baggin’ it in the classroom or eating at home while learning online, there are plenty of unique dishes that will keep the kiddos satiated and satisfied while also making you feel good about the ingredients you’re feeding them. Check out our ultimate roundup of parent-approved lunch foods for kids featuring some of our favorite products that little ones love, starting with hot foods perfect for homeschooling and digital learning. 

A hand holds a bbq chicken quesadilla over the ingredients.

5 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Lunch at Home

Keep their growing minds going strong at lunchtime with interactive recipes kids can help make or serve up piping hot family favorites that can’t make the trek to school.

Burritos with Buffalo Sauce

These simplified handheld meals contain all the usual Taco Tuesday suspects, from ground beef and black beans to shredded cheese, lettuce and salsa. What takes them from basic burrito to magical meal is the addition of our Mild & Sweet Buffalo sauce made with avocado oil and real mango puree.  

4-Ingredient Cheese Pizza

Even the pickiest eater can’t resist pizza. Made with our Unsweetened Pizza Sauce, this easy, grain-free pizza recipe comes together in just twenty minutes using string cheese and marinara sauce. Get the kids to help with this one for a fun family activity that also checks off an item on your to-do list.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Older kids love this take on a fast-food favorite! This study-fueling sandwich made with our Original Buffalo Sauce  is the perfect mix of saucy and crunchy. With just enough spicy kick to wake up little palates, it’s loaded with all the fixins’ the kiddos can handle. 

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

Smoky chicken and gooey cheese come together in this crave-worthy mashup. Make these delicious quesadillas in 20 minutes or less for a fool-proof, fiesta-ready lunch recipe kids will love. 

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

Fried chicken is a kid-friendly classic, but you don’t have to go down the greasy route with this air-fryer version of crispy chicken tenders. DIY this easy finger food at home and be sure to have our easy-squeezy A Tad Sweet Ketchup (made with organic honey!) or their favorite sauces on hand for dipping and dunking.

A white plate with sweet and savory pinwheels is surrounded by ingredients and school supplies.

5 Easy School Lunch Ideas for On the Go

Preparing packed lunches on busy mornings can feel impossible. These quick, easy lunches will stay tasty in a lunchbox or bag until the bell rings!

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Bacon makes everything better. A lunch box staple, the turkey sandwich gets an upgrade with slices of thick bacon, mashed avocado, and our creamy Buffalo Mayo. If your little ones can’t handle any hint of heat or spice, try swapping in our creamy, tangy Whip Dressing & Spread for that familiar kid-pleasing flavor.     

Sweet & Savory Pinwheels

These bitty, bite-sized pinwheels are a playful and space-efficient way to pack lunch for little ones. Simply make your kid’s favorite sammy on a wrap, and roll it up before slicing. Serve these lil’ skewers as a study break snack or tuck them in tomorrow’s lunch box.

Turkey Club Lettuce Wrap

That’s a wrap on lunch! Take your tired turkey sandwiches to the next level with a no-mess wrap and a layer of our creamy, flavorful Garlic Aioli Mayo.

Easy Egg Salad Sandwich

Made with our creamy original Mayo, this simple sandwich marries the best parts of breakfast and lunch together in a harmonious bite. With 25 grams of protein per serving, it’s perfect for hectic days when the kids just grab cereal or granola before school. 

Chicken Salad, Three Ways

This pre-prepped meal does double-duty as a meal for adults and kiddos. Personalize our classic chicken salad recipe to please tiny taste buds, and then stash leftovers in the fridge to top your own midday salad!




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