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School Lunch Burritos with Buffalo Sauce

September 20, 2021

Three stasher bags hold buffalo burritos next to a stuffed blue backpack and a bottle of buffalo sauce.

Move over, Taco Tuesday. With bold taste, hand-held ease, and ingredient versatility to spare, burritos are back! This unexpected food item beats the bagged lunch boredom for kids and adults when slathered in kicky Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce and brimming with Southwest flavor.

Burritos are the eat-anywhere meal that’s made for busy days when you can’t step away from your desk, or to pack along for a field trip. This classic beef burrito recipe is a sure-fire, feisty hit for parents, kids, and everyone in between. Plus, we’ve included the ingredients to make a refreshing, zippy, homemade Fresca for a perfect lunch break pairing!

How to Pack a Burrito for Lunch

Once you’ve built your buffalo burrito with the recipe below, fold the longest side in, then fold the short sides over it. Roll the sides continuously until the entire filling is covered. Lightly oil a pan over medium heat to quickly pan fry each side, holding the tortilla and filling together. Once off the pan, wrap in foil, cut diagonally, and store in a tall Stasher bag or in a heat-safe container.

How to keep burritos warm for lunch is one of the great mysteries of life. Many folks swear by a double layer of aluminum foil stored next to a hot thermos of water. You can also use reusable foil bags (like the kind pizza deliveries come in) to keep some heat.

Good Sides for Burritos

Little ones love to dip and dunk avocado fries, and guacamole is always a classic pairing. Keep the crunch with these homemade Potato Chips, or try this Rainbow salad on the side for a pop of color.

Creamy guacamole is surrounded by crudité and pesto mayo in the background.

Vegetarian Burrito Recipe

Skip the beef and fill this burrito with black beans, refried beans, or roasted, grilled, or sautéed veggies for a meat-free version of this classic recipe. Go for crunch and sub-in your favorite southwestern style salad, or scrambled eggs for a perfect burrito whether it’s piping hot or cool.


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