5 Things to Love About Our Buffalo Sauce

July 19, 2023

You probably know the taste from pub wings or party dips, but what is Buffalo sauce exactly? The short answer is that it’s typically a combination of peppery hot sauce and a creamy ingredient like butter. More importantly, it’s delicious. Buffalo sauce is the ultimate sidekick for chicken: spicy and flavorful, with just the right amount of heat. There’s no denying that Buffalo tops the list of all-time favorite sauces, especially when it comes to wings. 

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is creamy with just the right amount of fire and includes an impressive ingredient list. After it was introduced, Primal Kitchen's Original Buffalo Sauce garnered a cult following, quickly becoming the highest-selling natural Buffalo sauce in the marketplace and selling out three times in its initial run! 

Now available in several heat levels, our Buffalo Sauce is made for dipping, dunking, drizzling, dousing, and adding deliciousness to any dish that needs a peppery kick. If you’re still on the fence about adding this feisty favorite to your shopping list, consider these five essential pieces of info about the sauces in our Buffalo lineup.

blue cheese stuffed chicken breast with buffalo sauce

1. We Have a Buffalo Sauce for Everyone

One Buffalo Sauce isn’t enough… So how about three? Our medium-heat Original Buffalo Sauce is a true classic and one of our best-selling sauces. But what if you have little ones, or picky eaters who exclaim “too hot” every time you slather a wing or douse a dip? Enter our Mild Buffalo Sauce, the oh-so-cautious companion for veggies, fries, and more. The secret is real mango puree added to our purposeful ingredient list, for a softer-side sauce that has all the flavor of classic Buffalo with a lighter, sweeter finish.

On the other hand, maybe you’re the kind of person that prefers Diablo to Mild or Medium. If spicing up your food is the name of the game, beeline for our Hot Buffalo Sauce! In addition to cayenne pepper sauce, this amped-up version of our classic Buff contains organic red jalapeño pepper puree and organic diced jalapeños. The result is a flavor-packed, savory sauce that delivers a potent kick without searing your palate into submission. Pick up all three Buffalo Sauces in our handy Buffalo Sauce Trio Pack or purchase them solo. You can even subscribe to regularly receive your fave.   

2. No Mystery Ingredients

You never have to wonder “what’s in Buffalo sauce?” anymore. Our ingredients are a game-changer, which is why we believe Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is the best Buffalo sauce around. Sinking your teeth into a buffalo wing while watching the big game (or the half-time show, if you’re less into sports and more into sequins and great singers) is an iconic combination, but it typically comes at a price. Namely, a laundry list of ingredients that you don’t want, like gluten, dairy, cane sugar, or corn syrup. Our Buffalo Sauce, on the other hand, is made without those things. 

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is also made without xanthan gum, which some other brands use to thicken or stabilize ingredients. Have you ever heard of a xanthan plant? Our recipe uses potato starch and tamarind gum instead, for that creamy texture and taste you always dreamed of—no watery hot sauce or mystery ingredients here! Tamarind is a tropical fruit; you might know it from Indian or Mexican cuisine. Tamarind gum is made from the seeds of the tamarind tree and is used as a plant-based thickener and emulsifier (a fancy way of saying something that helps combine two liquids that don’t normally mix). 

3. It’s Made Without Dairy

Traditional buffalo sauces are made with butter in order to get that rich flavor and creamy texture that separates it from your average hot sauce. Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce delivers the perfect mix of creamy and peppery flavor without dairy! 

Creamy ingredients like potato protein and avocado oil give our sauce its signature rich texture without compromising on quality. Buffalo Sauce without dairy might seem too good to be true, but tasting is believing when it comes to all of the sauces in our Buffalo lineup. 

4. It Fits Your Eating Plan

Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and Whole30 Approved®, this sauce is the Holy Grail of real food eating. That Keto stamp on the label means never having to fight off impending hanger while frantically googling “is buffalo sauce keto?” when you're on the keto diet. All of our Buffalo Sauces are Keto Certified, so give this Buffalo wings recipe a try on game day, or whip up a Buffalo cauliflower recipe for your plant-based party platter.

Certified Paleo and Whole30 Approved®, Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is ready to be drizzled on a bacon burger or slathered on Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Stay on track for a keto month challenge or maintain a paleo or keto lifestyle with a cleaned-up version of the sauce you know and love.

5. It’s Versatile Enough for Any Meal 

We’re all about perfecting the Buffalo wing recipe, but don’t miss out on the versatility of this tasty marinade, basting sauce, dipper, dunker, and topper. From burgers to pizza, chicken breasts to tofu nuggets, our Buffalo Sauces add a fiery kick to all your culinary creations. We’ve even spotted recipes for cornbread cupcakes made with Buffalo-sauce-infused cream cheese frosting!

While cupcakes may not be on your eating plan (even cornbread ones), we have a veritable smorgasbord of recipes featuring your favorite Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce. Drizzle it on deviled eggs or add it to your breakfast burrito. Tuck it in tacos and quesadillas. Gluten-free and made without soy or canola, our tasty trio of Buffalo Sauces fit the bill for a host of homemade eats.

Here are just a few of the dishes you can make with our Buffalo Sauces:


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