Southwest Omelet with Buffalo Sauce

April 01, 2021

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When it comes to breakfast, most folks fall into one of two categories: people who prefer savory dishes and others who'd rather have sweet ones. Those who favor sweet have their oatmeal and waffles, but for anyone on the savory side, an omelet is an excellent choice. Fluffy egg, rich cheese, gently charred roasted veggies, and crumbly meat come together in this Southwest Omelet for the perfect blend of flavor. A drizzle of our Original Buffalo Sauce adds a medium-heat, creamy, peppery kick to the savory omelet that helps give this classic egg dish its Southwest flair.

How to Make the Perfect Omelet

Getting your scrambled eggs to stay firmly in a flat circle without breakage or spillage might seem daunting, but it's actually easier than you think. For a two-egg omelet, use a 6- to 8-inch pan; for a three-egg omelet, use a 10-inch pan.

Start by pouring your egg mixture into a pan and spreading it out to the curved edges of the pan with a rubber spatula. As the eggs begin to firm, turn the pan from side to side by rotating your wrist. Use a large spatula to flip your omelet once the bottom side has set and the top side is slightly firm. Voila! The perfect omelet (or omelette if you're feeling French). 

A gif shows a hand pouring buffalo sauce over the Southwest Omelette.


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