Southwest Omelet

April 01, 2021

When it comes to breakfast, most folks fall into two categories: savory and sweet. Those who favor sweet have their n’oatmeal and waffles, but for anyone on the savory side, the Southwest Omelet is the way to go.

Fluffy egg, rich cheese, gently charred roasted veggies, and crumbly meat come together in this Southwest Omelet for the perfect blend of flavor. A drizzle of Buffalo Sauce adds a medium-heat, creamy, peppery kick to the savory omelet that gives this classic egg dish its Southwest flair.

A gif shows a hand pouring buffalo sauce over the Southwest Omelette.

Omelet FAQs

How do you make the perfect egg omelet?

Pour your egg mixture into a pan, spreading the mixture out to the curved edges of the pan with a rubber spatula. As the eggs begin to firm, turn the pan slightly with your wrist. For a two-egg omelet, use a 6- to 8-inch pan; for a three-egg omelet, use a 10-inch pan.

How many calories are in an omelet?

Calories in an individual omelet will vary based on the ingredients you use. This Southwest Omelet comes in at 540 calories. However, if you choose to use egg whites, this same omelet recipe will clock in at about 440 calories.

What is a Denver omelet vs a Western omelet?

For the most part, these two omelets are the same. They tend to include ham, cheese, roasted peppers, and eggs. Our no-dairy Southwest Omelet switches it up with a kicky Buffalo Sauce with cayenne pepper drizzled on top, creamy avocado and savory ground beef.

A southwest omelet is covered in buffalo sauce and cilantro, on a white plate.

Is it omelet or omelette?

Grammar and spelling fans might appreciate the answer to this common query. Omelet is the American spelling. While omelette is technically the French spelling, it’s more commonly used in other countries and in Britain. Both are correct, but the spelling might give away the author’s location!

Southwest Omelet Recipe


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