Air-Fried Guacamole

April 10, 2019

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Get ready to guac and roll! Our Air-Fried Guacamole recipe transforms the classic chips and guac combo into a handheld showstopper appetizer. By using grain-free chips and cassava flour as a coating, you can keep things Paleo, Primal, and gluten-free and still get the same earthy, salty, lip-smackingly delicious feel as indulging in your favorite Mexican restaurant appetizer.

Besides the reduced chance of spilling guac onto your best party shirt, this mouthwatering appetizer has a few other perks. Unlike traditional guacamole, there are no double-dipping or avocado browning-in-the-bowl concerns. They're also air-fried in avocado oil for a dose of good fats you love, instead of being tossed in a deep fryer with seed oils. The result is a fresh-tasting, crispy crunch and a melty, soft interior packed with classic guac flavor.  


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