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Green Bean Ranch Tempura

January 08, 2018

Green Bean Ranch Tempura

Take advantage of your favorite winter veggies, and whip up this gluten-free, dairy-free feast! We love how fresh and sweet green beans are this time of year. Dip them in savory Primal Kitchen® Ranch Dressing and bread with gluten-free cassava flour for an incredible batter that comes out light and crispy. Have a good pinch of salt on the ready, and fry the whole batch of beans in Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil, a mildly flavored oil specifically designed to stay stable in high heat. 

The best part about this recipe? It's simple and easy to make: perfect for upcoming Super Bowl Sunday celebrations and cozy winter dinner parties. 

Want to learn more about the incredible health benefits of avocado oil? Read more about it at Mark's Daily Apple.


Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing 3 Pack


PK Ranch Green Bean Tempura




  • Mix together the Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing, cassava flour, and 8 tsp of water in a large bowl. 
  • Gently dip the green beans into the mixture, making sure they're fully coated. 
  • Add a thick layer of Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil to a cast iron skillet, and heat on high. 
  • With the skillet ready and hot, (prepped with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil) add the batter-dipped green beans. Pro Tip: Drop each bean into the skillet individually to keep them separated. Leave the beans in the skillet for 3-4 minutes, or until they're golden brown.
  • Remove the green beans, placing them on a platter.
  • Immediately season the beans with salt, and transfer them to a rack to cool down.
  • Enjoy! 

Green Bean Ranch Tempura

25 mins Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 cups green beans 1/2 cup Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing 1/2 cup cassava flour 8 tsp of water Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Salt

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