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Creative Collagen Recipes

May 31, 2019 0 Comments

Creative Collagen Recipes

We all love our post-workout smoothies; rainbow-colored and fruit-or-seed-dotted smoothie bowls; just-because “milk”shakes remade to be a bit healthier; warm and cold tea and coffee lattes, brews, and drinks—all boosted with collagen. But, did you know there are many other ingenious ways you can sip, cook and bake with collagen? Scroll to see our list of creative collagen recipes to keep things innovative in your kitchen.

Collagen-infused Margarita

Collagen-infused Margarita Recipe

Collagen + tequila? Well, bottoms up! This pure and simple version of a margarita is free of saccharine mixes and concentrated citrus, and instead sweetened with monk fruit and bursting with fresh lime juice. Sip this one poolside or while lazing in the shade on a sweltering day.

Gluten-free Vanilla Coconut Waffles 

Vanilla Coconut Collagen Waffles Recipe

With both a crisp and delicately tender texture, a well-made waffle is hard to top at a brunch buffet. Make your own gluten-free waffles at home—use our vanilla-coconut collagen and serve with fresh berries and you won’t even need to serve with syrup.

Gluten-free Donut Holes

Gluten-free Donut Holes Recipe

Just four ingredients and 50 minutes stand between you and a buttery, candied, bite-sized treat. All you have to do is dump the ingredients in a food processor or blender, roll into balls, freeze, and try not to eat the entire batch at once.

Collagen-infused Primal Marshmallows 

Collagen-infused Primal Marshmallows Recipe

Our homemade marshmallows are more pillowy and cloud-like than store-bought ones, and while they may seem like more work than reward, let us convince you otherwise. Our collagen-infused marshmallows disintegrate gracefully in a mug of hot cocoa, wilt willingly with melted butter to become the glue for gluten-free rice krispy treats, or can be stored in jars in the pantry for when you need to steal away for a sweet pick-me-up and a moment’s peace.

Vanilla Coconut Keto Gelato

Vanilla Coconut Keto Gelato Recipe

Cool, creamy, calming, this keto gelato is just the thing when you want to chill out. Made with a trifecta of coconut (shreds, milk and fat), this frozen treat is as velvety as real gelato.

Sweet Potato Soup with Collagen Peptides 

Sweet Potato Soup with Collagen Peptides Recipe

Rich in vitamins and complex carbs, this sweet potato and butternut squash soup is a great one-pot meal to have on standby and heat up after a hard workout, run, ride or swim. Boosted with collagen and topped with browned ground turkey or beef, you’ll also get plenty of protein to help repair your tired muscles.

Dairy-free Collagen Creamer

Dairy-free Collagen Creamer Recipe

If you can’t stomach dairy but want to add a little something something to your coffee or tea, try this dairy-free collagen creamer. Simply soak cashews in water overnight, drain them the next morning, and buzz them in a high-speed blender with water, collagen, a pinch of salt and some honey (if desired).

Paleo Pecan Sticky Buns

Paleo Pecan Sticky Buns Recipe

Let these words sink in for a minute: buttery cinnamon-sugar-pecan filling; coconut sugar caramel; yielding, yeast-free fluffy rolls. Excuse me while I wipe the saliva from the side of my mouth. These special occasion treats boosted with collagen are a way to a woman’s heart.

Apple Cinnamon Primal Pancakes

Apple Cinnamon Primal Pancakes Recipe

Part dutch baby, part apple pie, this one-skillet wonder will fill your kitchen with the homey smells of baked apples and spices. Split this among the kids for a special weekend breakfast, tote it to your next girls-only brunch, or slice it up and top each piece with a semi-melted scoop of vanilla coconut gelato for dessert.

Golden Turmeric Tonic

Golden Turmeric Tonic Recipe

If you avoid caffeine but need a get-up-and-go helper in the morning, this vibrant orange drink made with Golden Turmeric Collagen, carrots, oranges and ginger will pep you right up.

Chocolate Beet Cake

Chocolate Beet Cake Recipe

This might be the sneakiest method ever for getting in a good dose of winter veggies. Made with raw cacao, coconut flour, cinnamon, and antioxidant-rich honey, Izabela Misiuk's Heavenly Chocolate Beet Cake tastes nothing short of divine.

Collagen Peptides Pan Sauce


Steak with Collagen Peptides Pan Sauce Recipe

After you’ve seared the meat you’ve made for dinner, don’t let that savory crust go to waste. Add a pat of butter, some diced shallot, a few splashes of store-bought stock (yes, it’ll be totally fine!), and two scoops of collagen peptides. Whisk and allow to come to a low simmer until thickened. Viola! Restaurant-worthy sauce in a few minutes.

Strawberry Hibiscus Collagen Pops

Strawberry Hibiscus Collagen Pops Recipe

Usually reserved for panting children sprinting through the spray of a sprinkler, popsicles are syrupy treats we usually deny ourselves as adults. Rather than cool off with frozen juice on a stick, try these merlot-colored pops made with hibiscus tea, fresh mint, collagen and strawberries.

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