Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

July 07, 2021

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When it comes to versatile veggies, cauliflower reigns supreme. This trendy vegetable has been showing up on hip restaurant menus for the past few years with good reason. First, cauliflower is easy to make and showcases the flavor of your favorite sauces. Second, there are a ton of unique ways to cook it. From grilled cauliflower "steaks" to tempura, roasted cauliflower, and cauliflower mash, there's no limit to the creativity you can have.  

If you’re making dinner for Meatless Monday, going full vegan, or switching up your sandwich game, this crispy fried buffalo cauliflower sandwich is just the ticket. Topped with our kicky Original Buffalo Sauce made with avocado oil, seasoned and fried cauliflower is an ideal base for the crunchy red cabbage, bell peppers, and pickled onion. Deep-fried and fully prepped in just thirty minutes, you won’t be able to resist this buffalo cauliflower sandwich.

How to Make Buffalo Cauliflower

To make your fried cauliflower "steak," you'll need a batter. Our recipe uses garlic and onion powder along with grain-free flour for a deliciously crisp exterior and authentic battered taste. Coat the cauliflower very lightly with the mixture, as even a little bit of batter will puff up. Once coated, our secret is frying the veggie in high-quality pure avocado oil, which can easily withstand high heat. 

After the veggie is fully fried, simply add the sauce to your assembled sandwich. Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is made with cayenne pepper sauce and avocado oil for a creamy, feisty flavor, so there’s no need to marinate your cauliflower ahead of time. 


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