Rotisserie Chicken Salad

September 01, 2020

This 15-minute, no cook chicken salad recipe uses an entire rotisserie chicken, a few pantry items, chopped produce, and bacon for smoky saltiness. Perfect for meal prep for a few days of lunches or an easy no-cook dinner for four on a busy weeknight, this rotisserie chicken salad melds the herby tang of our Ranch Dressing with the creamy richness of our Mayo with Avocado Oil, and the spatter of sharp black pepper with a little sweet from chopped apple, a little bite from chopped onion, and the crisp, clean crunch of celery.

This template is easy to switch up, too, according to what you have available in your pantry and fridge. Don't have celery? Use chopped raw green beans or shaved asparagus instead. Don't have a white onion? Use chopped scallions or shallots. Sub a pear or even pecans, cashews, or sunflower seeds of the apple. You can also use any creamy Primal Kitchen dressing to switch things up (try Dreamy Italian or Green Goddess). Serve in butter lettuce cups for a handheld lunch or dinner that requires nothing else but a napkin. 

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Rotisserie chicken in a white plastic container next to bibb lettuce and Primal Kitchen Mayo

Save your rotisserie chicken container, wash it well, and dry it. Use it as a storage container for any chicken salad and lettuce leftovers.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad Recipe

Time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4


Rostisserie chicken salad ingredients placed on a sheet pan next to Primal Kitchen Mayo

Rotisserie chicken recipe ingredients on a sheet pan next to a spoon and Primal Kitchen Mayo


  • Remove all of the meat from the bones of the rotisserie chicken, and place in a large bowl (it's OK if some of the skin is left on the meat). 
  • Save the chicken carcass to make chicken bone broth. You can place the bones in a resealable freezer-safe bag to freeze for later use.
  • Wash and dry the leaves of the butter lettuce. Divide the leaves into bundles of about 4 lettuce leaves per bundle.
  • To the bowl with the rotisserie chicken, add mayo, ranch dressing, black pepper, onion, celery, apple, and bacon. Mix well to combine. 

Rotisserie chicken salad in a large white bowl with a white spoon

  • Re-use the cleaned and dried rotisserie chicken container to store any chicken salad leftovers. Place the chicken salad to the right, and the washed and dried lettuce leaves to the right. Pop the lid on and store for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. 

Rotisserie chicken salad and bibb lettuce leaves inside the upcycled rotisserie chicken container

Nutrition info (per serving):

Calories: 503

Carbs: 11 grams

Fat: 42 grams

Protein: 27 grams

Nutrition info calculated using Cronometer.

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