Homemade Potato Chips with Creamy Vegan Chip Dip

February 03, 2021

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Who doesn't love a good potato chip? A classic American snack, potato chips come in various flavors, textures, and types, ranging from thick-cut, heavily ridged chips to extra-thin, smooth sour cream & onion or BBQ kettle chips. There are a ton of potato chips on the market, but many contain sugars, preservatives, or extra ingredients you may not want in your chip. 

The easiest way to avoid these potato chip pitfalls is to make your own at home. Far more fresh, crisp, and crackly than store-bought chips, our homemade potato chips fried in avocado oil make a superior savory snack ideal for game day watch parties, family game nights, and streaming splurges.

For speed and ease, we batch-cooked them similarly to mass-produced kettle chips, where cold potato slices are stirred into an oil-filled kettle. Pair your crispy chips with our tangy homemade potato chip dip recipe and our feisty, creamy, no-dairy Original Buffalo Sauce. This easy recipe also works for homemade sweet potato chips—just know that sweet potatoes contain less starch and more liquid than white potatoes, so they won’t crisp as nicely and may take a bit longer to cook.


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