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Shrimp Alfredo with Hearts of Palm Pasta

May 24, 2021

A bowl of Keto Shrimp Alfredo with hearts of palm noodles is next to parsley and a jar of no dairy garlic alfredo sauce.

Growing up, seafood dinners always signaled something special. Whether it was someone’s birthday, or a stop on a family vacation, if shellfish was on the menu, we were celebrating. A creamy, decadent dish like this Shrimp Alfredo is a seafood mainstay for good reason. Who can resist the tender texture of freshly sautéed shrimp mixed with rich, savory Alfredo sauce?

Recreate this restaurant favorite at home with Palmini Angel Hair Pasta and Primal Kitchen Garlic Alfredo Sauce. Everyone’s indulgence is updated with real food ingredients like hearts of palm noodles, and no-dairy Garlic Alfredo Sauce made with cashew butter and avocado oil. This Shrimp Alfredo with Hearts of Palm Pasta goes from kitchen to table in just fifteen minutes.

Shrimp alfredo with no dairy garlic sauce is prepared in a cream colored bowl, topped with parsley.

What is Heart of Palm?

Hearts of palm come from the edible inner core of certain palm trees. This unexpected vegetable is often compared to an artichoke or white asparagus, with a gentle taste that makes a perfect base for flavorful sauces to take center stage. Low-carb folks love hearts of palm: the Palmini hearts of palm noodles used in this recipe come in at 4g of carbs per serving.

Hearts of palm noodles are a great gluten-free, lower-carb veggie pasta option for meals made quickly. These Palmini noodles don’t need to be cooked–just rinse and warm ‘em up! If the taste is a tad too acidic for you, soak them in the milk of your choice for about 30 minutes.

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Shrimp Alfredo Recipe

Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 6


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