Keto Bone Broth

January 19, 2023

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Bone broth is a staple of the keto diet and the Primal lifestyle. It's easy to make, minimizes food waste, and contains many vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, vitamin A, and iron. While beef broth is a go-to, chicken broth provides similar benefits and has a delicious flavor that's perfect as a base for heartier soups and stews. Made with apple cider vinegar and veggies, our keto bone broth is a great ingredient to keep on hand for flavoring meals. 

This 2-part recipe includes instructions for making a batch of chicken bone broth, plus additional details on transforming your bone broth into a delicious, drinkable soup perfect for curbing your midday cravings. Serve it hot in a mug and sip it throughout your day. 


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