Game Day Charcuterie Board

February 07, 2023

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Despite what some die-hard foodies will tell you, charcuterie doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to focus on sliced meats & cheeses, either. The modern definition of charcuterie has evolved to include breakfast, fries, and even a mayo board

One thing hasn't changed, though—charcuterie boards are meant for sharing. That's why they are a natural fit for major social events like the Big Game (or any game day watch party, for that matter). Because who wants to dig a soggy wing or a sad-looking celery stick out of a takeout container when you can have a beautiful, bountiful board stocked with freshly cooked faves? Add some sports-themed napkins, and you have yourself a living room tailgate party that's in the big leagues. 

To help you prep for game day, we've gathered some notable noshes made using our flavorful, cleaned-up condiments with purposeful ingredients.

Veggies, wings, deviled eggs, and Primal Kitchen sauces and dips on a wooden charcuterie board.

The Starting Players

The quarterback of any game day snack team, wings come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. While traditional wings are deep-fried in oil, our lightened-up Primal versions make great use of the air fryer. (If you don't already have one in your kitchen, everyone needs an air fryer on their appliance team.)

For our Game Day charcuterie board, we also included deviled eggs. These are a quick and easy way to score snack points with your home team. If you already have hard-boiled eggs on hand, they're even quicker!

Snack Sidekicks for Your Board

With such a protein-heavy board, you'll need some crispy, crunchy, tangy, and juicy elements to provide added flavor and texture. Elevate your spread with freshly cut vegetables sliced for easy dipping. Veggies also provide a splash of color and extra nutrients that your game-day snacks may lack.

Once you have your main protein, keto-friendly side dish, and crisp veggies on the snack field, it's time to up your game with some sassy sauces. Start with our Buffalo Sauce (or its fully loaded cousin, Hot Buff) and cool, creamy Ranch Dressing or our thicker, no-dairy Ranch Dip for your wings and veggies. 

Put your favorite no-sugar-added BBQ Sauce in the lineup (we recommend spicy-sweet Mango Jalapeño) and round everything out with a creamy dip like our no-dairy, plant-based Queso Dip.

    Closeup of Primal Kitchen Ranch Dip surrounded by fresh veggies, wings, and deviled eggs on a wooden board.

    How to Assemble a Game Day Charcuterie Board

    Once you've gathered all of the players on your snack team, it's time to get them in proper formation. First, find a charcuterie board that's the best size for your party. Then plan your layout. We use the "huddle" method of placing small groupings of each item (wing, veggie, or egg) around the board.

    Break up more neutral groupings with a splash of color from one of the vegetables, and add small bowls of sauce interspersed throughout. Place the bowls nearest to the items they are more likely to be paired with; for example, BBQ sauce with wings and Ranch next to both wings and veggies. With our tips for assembling a "super" game day board, you'll easily win the snack bowl.


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