Dreamy Italian Pesto Fish Packets

June 06, 2018

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Dig into pesto, parsley, and lemon-garnished halibut fillets cooked with our irresistible Dreamy Italian Dressing! This dish is light and delicious, packed with Mediterranean flavor, and ideal for warm summer nights or a refreshing seafood dinner at any time of year. We love serving it with freshly grilled veggies, couscous, or salad. 

If you've seen foil packet fish recipes, this one is similar but with parchment paper subbing in for the aluminum stuff. Not only is parchment able to withstand high-temperature cooking like foil, but it also has nonstick properties that make it ideal for preparing delicate fish. Cooked on parchment paper to seal in the natural juices, this baking method also has the added bonus of easy cleanup. Share with friends and family, and pair it with a cool glass of white wine or sparkling water for the perfect dinner with the people you love. 


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